Today I... (brag thread)

Dude, 4 feet= 48" to pedal, right? Ryan Atkins has hopped 43" to tire, which means he can probably hit somewhere around 50 inches to pedal. Which would mean you’re in Ryan Atkins’ league. So are you really almost as good as Ryan Atkins?

wtf…hes like a god


and it probs wasnt a full 4 ft anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

haha ive jus spent ages using my hand to get the hights right and on the uni with my hand to see hahaha

yeh not a full 4ft def…im no ryan atkins teehee

The ground wasn’t wet, it was just a big puddle.



i got a fakieflip and and backflip today and i almost got a hickflip off a 6 in. drop:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My son learned to jump mount today… It only took him like 5 tries to hit the first one… and he is probably hitting 75%+…

I… um… I got three turns backwards and 3 idles… :roll_eyes: (man I need to work hard to keep up with him…:smiley: )


A hickflip? Is that when you rotate your hillbilly 180 degrees in midair?

I got in four idles for the first time; I usually do three and fall/shoot the uni out behind me. I also learned how to keep going despite pedal strikes when I really lean into turns. I got off a few really, really low hops today too, for the first time. I never could land one before. That was all this morning before going to church, too.

Nice going Eric! You’ll have to show me those new tricks when we ride this Tuesday! Well I just got back from Moab Muni fest, and I kinda learned something new.

A film crew from Mountain Dew was there filming a lot of us and asked me if I could/would hop down a ledge at a skatepark that was higher than I’ve ever hopped…so naturally i said yes!

I was pretty scared but tried not to show it as I side hopped about 55" down, and landed it first try! Whew! Other than that both Eric and I learned recently to mount to one-foot pedalling both from pedal to crown and then mounting first with one foot on the crown directly to one-foot pedalling. cool!:smiley:

well i only ever really practise riding skills so its not like i can ever say i did something completely new but…

i am quite happy with the way my backwards glide/coast is coming along :slight_smile:

I rode my skinniest skinny today. I put down 3 star pickets end to end and rode along them. They’re about 4mm wide. I feel special.

Edit: Oh, I also hit a 6ft gap SIF for the first time without not failing at it. It was 2 concrete slabs with grass in between them.

The other week me and Andrew Carter went to a bike trials comp. After it we both spent about 30min to an hour practising riding a really skinny cable, we both mananged to get to the end, it was about 3 or 4m long and wobbled like crazy :astonished:

That’s great. And Yes I’m envious! I should practice going backwards more. Then maybe I’d get it.

Good for you!
Question… is a pedal strike when the pedal hits the ground? I’m guessing this happens only on smaller wheels…

My brag? I split my right knee pad yesterday. Why is that a brag? Cause it didn’t hurt a bit. :smiley:

well in 3 weeks (ish) since i got me uni after a period of not having one (few months) i can now…

>1 foot ride with foot on crown
>go to pedal then to rubber up things about as high as a picnic table
>180 unispin
>no footer
>superman (like grab tyre and stick legs out)
>shifty a 5 set and rolling hop a 6 set
>ride 14 stairs (cant find a bigger set as of yet)
>sif hop up stairs 2 at atime and if the stairs arent really close togeather can do 3 at a time
>1 rev down a 4 stair ((whilst rolling hopping, have seen it in shauns part of a good movie i think) Just learnt today)
um thats all i can think of right now and thats probably it, all of these i could not previously do except i could ride 1 foot with foot out to side for short distances and superman.

this thread was a good idea, and it came at a good time…

did my first 360 unispin i was stoaked.
my dad was like i bet you cant 360 when i was doin 180’s so me being a smartass went oh yeah watch this and well i did it, havent got to many since but im workin on it

Today I one-footed wheelwalked about 4 or 5 metres. Very good.

I’m also getting close to seat-wraps and I tried grinding a rail today(didn’t get much distance, but it was fun nevertheless).

Well keep trying and you’ll get there. Also congratulations on the OWW Ivan.

I learning to SIS coasting my torker. But to no avail. All i can do is to keep trying and never give up. :smiley:

today i doubleflipped a 3 set!

Today I ate three shredded wheat.
And I put a fruit pastille in my mouth without chewing it.

I got a cross 20" with maxxis 2.5 tire and muni rim:)
Did nothing special…it was raining :angry: