Today I... (brag thread)

Yesterday I managed to take my second foot off the pedal and attempt to coast/glide for the first time! I made it a whole 8 inches!

Today I did a barrel roll.

well not really. I did however manage to hit 22MPH on my 36" without eating it…things get pretty scary downhill at those speeds

Did you measure w/a cycle computer? What length cranks? That’s about 220 rpm. Crazy fast.

i did my first 900 yesterday (on skis) but then ate it on the landing because i dotn ahve twin tips (mom!)

I diden’t unicycle today! :astonished:

jumped up a 4 set
gapped a parkingspot 1st try easily.
gapped over 10 feet (shut it thats what i did)
A HUUUGE 180 over a big 4 stair. (that means I jumped reallly high off of it to make it showy, even though noone was watching, not even my camera.

i tried to crank grab something over 4 feet high and just barely missed it.

I rode down my first 5-set…Not much, but can’t really get more stairs in my town:)

I came upon a bend in the trail where there were lots of women with strollers completely clogging things up and made a split-second decision to hop off the trail and cut the corner through the woods. With all eyes on me I shot through and back onto the track quickly passing all the ladies. It put a huge smile on my face.

A little noticeable improvement day by day is all it takes to make me happy.

Same here. :slight_smile:

On Sunday I rode the full length of my practice rail (80 feet) backwards twice. I also can ride the full length SIF w/ frequent grabs w/ my free hand to the railing w/o a UPD, and 4 revs while holding the seat w/ my right hand. I ww the entire length of the rail w/ grabs of the rail by only one hand. On all of these I don’t have the guts to attempt w/o being next to a rail or wall.

And I can’t hop or even freemount yet:(

Today I rode my normal MUni trail with Terry (muniaddict) without one UPD! Terry fell into some sharp rocks at the bottom of a hill (sucker :D)

I gaped 8 feet at Moab. Couldn’t get the 8feet 5 inches mark but 8 feet is still good for me.

Umm I did the smoothest crankflip at Moab too.

Yeah same here uni isn’t something you get great at quick so little improvements day by day are great and make me plenty happy.

It was just about a week ago, but I broke my first seatpost! My new one will be here in 2 more days, along with some shin guards. Oh, I also ran today without utter pain.:slight_smile:

What did you hurt? How? How long ago?

did you place for that? or was it the kid who looks like you?

Haha, I kept getting them mixed up too.

Whoa cool! Was that flat to flat, or were you elevated and gapped down to the landing spot?

maybe a foot- foot and a half down

Ok, my line of the day: 360 unispun down a 3 set, rode SIF for about 15 feet, 180’d up a curb, 360’d down, prode a bit, pedal grabbed a bench, then hopped up onto it, from there i hickflipped down. haha i wish. I learned how to ride one footed today.