Today I... (brag thread)

Haha I gotta get back into the swing of things since Moab tired me out a bit! Fun ride today:D

I wasnt doing it for the competition, so it was the other one who looked like me (Phil). We saw that gap, and both hit it first try, then I took out my camera and started to film once everyone gathered there to do the comp.

I wish I could of got Phil snapping 5 spokes on camera, but I hit the record button a few seconds too late.

today i did one rev down a 5 set…was happy with that effort

Today I came really close to landing a 180 hop off a curb. I made it all the way around, but I kinda fell on my ass right away. I’ll be able to do it soon, I think; I can already do 180s on flat.

after a 1/2 year hiatus i got my side hop up to about 26" and landed a 7 set.



I was able to idle today. Probably only about 5-6 reps max but it still felt great! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s sun to come up.


Seriously, idling took me forever. Mad props. I still can’t do it right-foot-down very well.

This evening I got pasta and garlic-ginger broccoli cooked and ready. My wife got home from work and when she and the kids sat for dinner, I nipped out for a ride on the 36er.

Good thing, too. I finally broke an 11 mph avg speed for a ride. I rode 10.53 miles in 55 min 58 sec, for a avg speed of 11.29 mph. Woo-hoo!

That’s what I meant, but I’m not totally sure that’s it. Today I landed almost all of my rolling hop attempts; my first ever rolling hop was around 5 or 5:30 PM. I got just a bit better with idling, too.

It started to hurt about 2 weeks ago. My knees are killing me, the trainer thinks that I either have osgood-schlaughters (can’t spell it) or tendonitis. I personally don’t really believe in injuries, but this is killing me. Tomorrow I have a meet, hopefully I’ll do well. My silly coach put me in the mile, rather than the two, because he knew I wanted the 2.:o

Ha I helped a random person out =) I feel great.

Today I ordered a Nimbus 36" Deluxe!

And towed 3 people out to the parking lot; people should learn not to park a car in the exhibition grounds lot in the morning(when it is still frozen), it will thaw and you will be up to your axles in mud. Not good with a car, FUN with a 4X4:D

I landed some 360 unispins with only a few minutes of trying and I didnt kill myself!

I slept on my unicycle while riding along a long road
(i dont know how and i just dont know)

i just rode along a swinging gate, i got it on my 3rd go as well:D

I 360 unispun off a curb, 180 unispun down a 2 (2nd try), 180 unispun down a wide but short 3 set (2nd try), and 180unispun off a 2 foot drop

over 2 days and maybe 1-2 hours

I ate a cookie!

I pretty much learnt rail grinds today. I was doing really well for about 30min then I decided to try the full length of the rail. I jumped up and my pedal hit the side of the rail then I dont really know what happened. I faceplanted right at the bottom and got winded really bad, so now I have lots of pain everywhere :astonished:

I also learnt rolling 180 unispins down ledges:D

I have gotten blind smallspins pretty good now, almost ready for blind smallflips.

Today I met a rider from Defect! My life is nearing completion.