Today I... (brag thread)

Yeah man and you can get them at Pacos Tacos! I think Paco Hadley eats there alot, he has a pic of him eating one while crank flipping on the front page of the New York Times… :wink:


Today I landed a crankflip on flat.

Rolling wrap to backroll finally :smiley: and almost a double backroll.

Lmao pedal flip? That would look so gay! Well actually it would just look like a no footer

O and yesterday I became not single for the first time in ages lol. And today I got my new KH08 frame from Germany. I got it through warranty. And I got my twisted plastics recently too.

And I thought up a new colour scheme for my uni. My old try all has threads showing and luckily my friend will be ordering from germany soon so I’ll combine postage with him and get a white try all and white seatclamp. I already have white pedals. Then I’ll (get mum to) sew a white skull and cross bones onto my black saddle, paint my frame and seatpost black and paint some sort of white design onto them. Gonna be so sweet! :smiley: NZ uni, black and white :P. The only silver part will be the moment cranks. Rest will be either black or white.

Actually, to someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking at, a crankflip isn’t much more impressive than a no footer, unless it’s a fastflip(triple or so)

True, although it depends.

I think he means flipping the pedal while still on the ground just taking your foot off. (if you guys didn’t already know)

Learn that the hard way? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I landed a few morer crankflips (on flat)!

yesterday I rode with Kris holm…

Today I started an online shop to sell some of my unicycling photography as pins, posters and other stuff. I hope to use the money to help fund my ability to make it to more unicycling conventions and trips.*

I only have two items up so far but ill be adding more.

W00t venti back pedal flip!!!:slight_smile:

…still only landing doubles flipping both pedals at once :roll_eyes:

Re-Broke/bent my post. Time for a Qu-ax.

it costs nothing. why don’t you check the website before asking?

Raised my seat post about half a cm woot!

Today I jumped up a 4-set for the first time but I popped my innertube trying to do it again.

Free for team spencer members right :wink:

Nah I’m kidding.

A long time ago…