First Flatland Tutorial arrived: Seat Wrap - Detailed Tutorial !

Hi guys,
Today I bought a new 8MP HD Video Camera and I’m so excited, We have never had one except for one 6 years ago and that taped cassettes. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
So now I can record good quality videos and capture fast movement with a great function on the video camera.

So now that I’ve got it I’m soon going to make the first flatland tutorial, Seat Wrap Tutorial. I’ve recently just learnt to Seat Wrap but now I’m going to learn doubles etc… There is know Flatland Tutorials I dont think except for maybe one which is the Superman Tutorial but that is in French. I feel up to making this tutorial and In the future I will release more Flatland and some Street Tutorials!

(I should have the tutorial out in 1-2 weeks)

cool, good lucky boy
did you get the camera busking?

Nope.:smiley: Luckily it was on sale so mum got it.

Rite now I got exactly $500.00 which will buy me 2 double wheel extension kits ($300) and an Axis 20" ($165) + Postage which will be $500.00 total. THen I’ll have a 3 in 1 unicycle :smiley:

I would like to see you ride that 2 out of one. (the 2 wheel’d) That’d be slick!

I hope you mean seat wrap and not leg wrap.

Rite…there could be a problem! :astonished:

Is there a difference between seat wrap and leg wrap?

So you are making a tutorial on a trick you have no idea how to do, or what it even looks like?
A seat wrap is this:
A leg wrap is this:

BIG difference, seat wrap is a LOT harder.

After this someone could maby make a video on
how to do varial rolls i still havnt landed one fully :frowning:

Yeah seat wrap looks way harder, I’m practising leg wraps at the moment and thats hard because I take my back foot off and the wheel spins. I just need to get the balance right I think.

You do have the middle of your foot on the crank right?

Yeah, I went and tried to do it again earlier on and got really close but didn’t manage to get back on the seat to ride off. I reckon I’ll have it soon though :smiley:

lol I can seat wrap but can’t double leg wrap. And I think he means leg wraps. But both are pretty difficult.

I once could triple leg wrap, now that I learned seat wraps I can only double about 1/4 times… Seat wraps are much cooler so I don’t mind.

It would be nice for a outside roll tutorial or just many slowed down clips of it like spencer did with rolling wraps.

its alot easier learning it first with the foot already on the crank and the other foot on the ground.

(surfer1024 on xcrevs comp)

Yeah that’s how I learnt seat wraps. And I can get them easy from the ground, but I’ve only ever landed 2 from the pedals. It’s really hard to get them consistant coz you have to be perfectly balanced with your first foot on the crank and then you have to put your second foot in just the right place on the crank.

I can do a double leg wrap easy from the ground because you can balance well on the crank but when I try from the pedals I wobble heaps as I put my leg around and lose balance. I find the same thing with step over body varials.

BTW why don’t you just log on to your account? lol

@surfer1024: are you talking about leg wraps, seat wraps, or outside roll?

Seat wrap from ground is a lot harder for me… well, I can do a seat wrap 4/5 times soooo… yeah…
For the step over body varial (180 w/ tire or 360?) can you expain how you learned, I am working on them and am not getting anywhere.

outside roll
(starting position, or opposite if you do right foot forward)

outside roll diagrams.bmp (928 KB)

Thanks, I will try after I eat. And I am right foot foward

Nope. I guess i just thought it was the rite name or I thought they were the same thing…

Ok so Leg Wrap.