The unispin tutorial to end all unispin questions

Title says it. I have come up with a method for learning unispins that is completely foolproof. I will write it on 180’s but the same exact tecnique can be used to learn 360’s, and 540’s I think. Ok, so I’m gonna break down unispins into each of it’s tiniest elements which will only take a couple tries to get, and then all you have to do is put them together. O yeah, something I forgot is that you should be very comforable with hopping SIF. Here is an outline of the components of a unispin:


a. 180 jump mount
1. jump mount
2. spin uni in air

b. no-footer
1. jump off pedals
2. kick feet out

c. 180 dismount
1. no-footer
2. spin uni in air
3. land on ground


The two necesary abilities to have when doing a 180 jump mount is 1. the jump mount, 2. spin the uni while you are in the air.

  Jump Mount

        Basicaly, stand infront of your uni with pedals in hopping position.   Just jump on, landing SIF. This is pretty easy, and you should get it quickly.

  Spin Uni In Air

        You can start of by just jumping infront of your uni, not landing on the pedals, and spining the uni WHILE YOU ARE IN THE AIR. This is usless if you start spining the uni before you jump off the ground. Make sure you don't do that.

Now you can try the 180 jump mount. Jump off the ground, spin the uni AFTER YOU LEAVE THE GROUND, spot the cranks, and land on them.


     Jump off pedals
             This is basic, but sometimes people find it kind of scary. Something that helps is to push down on the saddle a little bit to kind of boost yourself up into the air.

    Kick Feet Out 

              Jumping off the pedals is useless unless you can get your feet out of the way of your spining wheel when you do the unispin. Mostly this is mentality. To gain confidence of having your feet high off the pedals you can jump off the pedals, kick you feet out as much as posible, and land on the ground instead of on the cranks. Really this part is all in your head.

Now just combine these two skills and you can do a no-footer.


     This step really just re-enforces your ability to be in the air and spin your uni, but it is an important step. Dont skip it.


             Just do a no footer.

     Spin uni in air

            Sound farmiliar? the step in 180 JUMP MOUNT.

Now just combine these steps and you have the 180 dismount.


Thats right, you just learned how to do all the steps in a unispin. Now all you have to do is combine it all. Mount the uni, get SIF, hop a bit to get your balance, do a no-footer, spin the uni, and land on the cranks. This trick is really all in your head.

Hope I could help, and feel free to post any questions or PM me.

Maybe that will help some people but like most tutorials people make, it pretty much just states the obvious.

Jump off uni, spin it, land back on…

You guys are making this trick a freakin’ science!!! This is what you do:

1. Get seat in front
2. Jump off uni
> Spin uni with both hands
> Don’t clip feet on cranks
3. Land on uni and ride off into the sunset

I get that I’m stating the obvious, but I find it really easy to learn tricks if you break them down into each part. For example, I learned a 180 unispin in about 45 minutes. Thought I might just share with you guys, but apparently that isn’t welcome on this site.

Our replies weren’t attacking you. I was giving my opinion on your tutorial not saying that it is not welcome on the site. Don’t be so sensitive.

I know that you weren’t attacking me in your posts. Just because it’s stating the obvious doesn’t mean it won’t be helpful…

It was a good tut and all, but it made everything way more complicated than it really is. You don’t need to learn how to 180 jump mount before trying a unispin, just jump, spin the uni around, then land on the pedals. The problem with all these noobs is that they don’t want to put and time and effort into.

I dont get how it makes it complicated by explaining.

He doesnt over explain it and use big words and go way into detail on excact rotation feet positioned angled to the frame, body position over the uni and all other stuff he could of added to confuse people.

You did a great job. Took the trick, broke it down into what it is to do one, briefly explained how to do those concepts, then put it back together.

Very nice.

I think this make it easier… what you people aren’t realizing is that, you can already do it, and it’s simple for you. For the people who can’t Unispin yet, it is much harder than just jumping, spinning the unicycle, and landing back on the pedals.

I remember when I learned unispins and it wasn’t too hard. I think for learning them (like most uni tricks) you just have to figure it out. It is more of a memorized body movement than something somebody can just tell you how to do. The best way is to get some shin guards and go outside and try for a long time paying attention to what is going wrong and trying to fix it. Don’t push down on the seat or it will shoot away, jump straight up, aim for the cranks. It is a simple movement but can take some time to get used to it and get the timing down.

Yeah, what Spencer said^^^
I think a lot of the problem with all the people asking for tutorials is that they dont realize how easy stuff can be if you just try. They just gotta go outside and just go for it.
I did my first 180 after 25 minutes of hard work. I was really surprised at how easy it was.
Before I was one of the people who thought they had to have a tutorial to explain everything, but once I did one I felt a little silly that I asked so many questions about unispins.

With that said, Great job on the tutorial Maximus Unius. I think that if people read this, they’d be more likely not to post new threads. I really don’t care if they do, but some people do get annoyed by that.

i used your tutorial Tomahawk and now everytime i unispin i have to ride of into the bloody sunset. which limits the time of day i can perform them to no end :frowning:

breaking things down into their parts often helps people get their heads around what’s being done. and they can work on the part they’re having problems with. i did (like most of you) and just practiced for 30-45 mins and landed one. not quite sure how, but i got one. after more practice i started figuring out some technical skills. like hand positions, how to get my legs out of the way to land in more consistantly etc. little stuff like that is what i look for when i read tutorials, not the simple mechanics, which can sometimes be helpful, especially if there’s a way to practice them all separately.
i think about juggling tricks where there’s a few different throws that you can do all separately, but when strung together look awesome.

:roll_eyes: Nice.

I think the curve of the earth limits your ability to see for something like fourteen miles right? that’s a long way to go on a unicycle every unispin.

Hhmmm… any pointers on 360 unispins??

Maximus unius, great tutorial. It might be stating the obvious, but at least we have somewhere to point the idiots who start the “lolz how do u do a unispin guyz kthxbye” threads to. This is how I learn tricks…if you can break everything down into little steps, getting over mental blocks is a lot easier. When I’m learning something, I have a pretty hard time getting over the mental blocks that just stop me from doing something mid-trick.

Good job

I’m still trying :frowning:
Thanks for the tutorial :wink:

I thought it made everything clear. I had never thought of trying a 180 jump mount as practice for a unispin before. I have been jumping and spinning the uni ever since I have been attempting unispins and it hasn’t worked.

I have put time and effort into learning unispins, but they still havent come to me yet. I am hardly a noob, and I found that having it broken down like this is very helpful.

The problem with these forums are people like you who don’t want to put time and effort into helping a few of the newer (and not so new) people to the sport. Im getting sick of this, someone posts something that a few people don’t agree with and they get jumped on. Can’t you just grit your teeth and let people get on with it?

Great work Maximus, sure helped me, although I still can’t do them! I shall keep trying!

Rock on!

Thanks for all the positive response guys. I’m thinking of doing something like this for crankflips if I ever get around to them…