180 Unispin??

I have only been uniing for about a month and a half and am learning fast. I can jump a good 10 inches, and drop off 4-5 foot obstacles. I now want to learn how to 180 unispin. i have been practacing 180 mounts and can get those sometimes. but now i need some tips how to put it all together. thanks!!:slight_smile:

HERE is a good thread that breaks down lots of moves that will slowly help you learn to do 180 unispins.

And HERE is a thread with a link to a video tutorial on 180 and 360 unispins.

i think a big part of 180unispins is just being able to get over the fear, I can easily flip the uni around before my feat come down but i hate hitting my ankles on the spokes (i guess if you have safety gear your set) so i dont always pull my feat all the way in.

Thanks i’ll try to commit more=)

yeh, same problem here… im too scared i will miss one pedal and smack the other in to my other leg or something like that. well… i think i will just go for it now

yeah its 5% skill, 95% confidence. you just must jump, spin the uni, pulllllllllllllll your legs together and land. you know, at first…i wouldn’t even worry about trying to land on the pedals…just land on the cranks. that will help you build your confidence real quick, then you will realize how easy they are. just think of it as jumping up and down, because the pedals are in the same position when you land, even when you spin it 180 degrees…

cheers, i just went for it, and what do you know, i spun it, kicked my legs out, and nearly landed it.