The next Torker DX?(It's a Qu-Ax)

I was lookin on and it has the Qu-Ax cross uni and it says it has an ISIS splined hub for only $207! We could have a cheaper splined uni than the DX! Any reviews from anyone? How is it strength wise compared to the DX?

i don’t think it’s actually SPLINED…
i’m not completely sure though.

Are you sure, because in the features it says
20 x 2.5 Maxxis tire “Creepy Crawler”
19 inch 48 holed Qu-ax DX-32 double-walled rim
CrMo ISIS Splined hub
Seatpost clamp with two bolts
25.4 mm 300-mm Seat post
Shock-absorbing kris Holm style saddle with thick padding and Qu-Ax logo
127 mm alu ISIS cranks in silver
BMX metal pedals
42mm OD bearings


It is definately splined, apparently they still not very strong. I read on one of those sites it is weaker than the normal quax hub and cranks and if you are going to do big stuff get the yellow hub.

didn’t notice that.


the cranks in that picture are croookED
maybe they’re just put on wrong…

Woah, I think you are right!
That’s funny!

I think thats just the Q-factor.

get a kh. the fusion saddle is uncomfortable fo me but i have a bony a**. just last night i added foam i found whilst assembling flatpacks on new years eve. still yet to try it. man this got off topic.

I already have a KH. I just thought that it was strange that an ISIS splined uni would be that cheap(207$). But from the looks of what Spencer said, the uni won’t hold up to much abuse.

i think they are 1 spline off or something

O. I cant really tell because I can’t see the other crank that well. seems to have problems with assembly pics of their unis. The crank on the Nimbus w/ Profiles looks bent, also lol.

From The hub stability are between a standard hub and a Suzue hub. This cross are not for high jumps ! If you want do high jumps you better choose the Qu-ax Muni with splined hub !

From udc uk: It is not suitable for serious jumping as only has lightweight ISIS hub and cranks, for extreme jumping look at our unicycles with splined hubs.

I think it may hold up to more than you guys think…Check out the pics of Muzzle and his buddy riding it on the bottom of this page.

Actually I have that same unicycle…they are not the same cranks in that picture. Ive done a 4 and a half foot drop and I didnt here a peep. My friend has a 2007 KH20 and mine feels just as solid…I rode a Torker DX it feels just as solid as that too. And yes it is ISIS splined because i can see in the cranks that its a 10 spline ISIS.

I weigh 73kg, and have bent the hub ever so slightly after a repeated 3-4ft drops (note: this is ABOVE the recommended limit). It has a slight wobble to it when I ride which is irritating, but not limiting. I switched and rotated my cranks with mate’s cross (hoping that the crank was the problem) to no avail.

If you plan on doing any “big” trials/street, save your money. I would recommend it to beginners who want to experiment with different styles of riding before purchasing a dedicated machine.

See my review of the cross here

that sucks, ive done 3-4 foot drops on my unsplined nimbus and its fine

you have the cross fire…it has a different hub it think.

I have the crossfire, but the hub is the same (red qu-ax isis).

I pretty sure its just as strong as others. Well it looks that way from this Chart.


I find it to be a very sturdy hub.