THE FLIP VID (shaun johanesson)

oh thanks

clearly the best street and freestyle rider out there…

dude he is really good, way beter than me but not the best… i think xav collos is the best right now… (now dont get all mad cuz that is just my opinion)

u said the exact same thing about xav collos movie too… how can it be clear if u say it in both threads???

I think Shaun’s and Xavier’s styles are really different so they are hard to compare. Xavier’s movie has really flowy street and flatland tricks but Shaun’s are more technical (for the most part). Xav’s 180 flip into 1 foot riding is techy but I think a 180 double flip is more.

thanks a lot guys, now i have to go watch them again

If you’re gonna compare Xav to Shaun then u have to consider that Vener was made over several months whereas Shauns fliptricks is a vid that was filmed and edited in a few hours.

Shaun can do a LOT more than flips!

Look at it this way, could Xav do a good impression of Shauns vid? No, Shaun’s in a league of his own for flips (Tomsey’s probably closest).

Could Shaun do a good impression of Vener? Yeah, and he’d most likely improve on a whole lot of the tricks out of it. (except for coasting and sideways WW?)

They’re probably no.1 and no.2 in the world for street but it’s hard to say for certain from this side of the world :stuck_out_tongue: At the end of the day though there isn’t a right and a wrong without a street comp… its a shame we can’t see all the best riders all at the same place more often!!

yeah but all i have seen of shauns is in defect and this video… and i have seen Xav in Vener and defect and some other koxx one movies… but judging by what i have seen xav is better… i would like to see a movie of shaun’s other tricks…

Have you seen Shaun in the Syko vid? thats pretty good. If you search around you can find him doing 720 unispins and other crazy stuff.

what syko vid?

This one

that movie is A LOT better than this one…


Thanks for all the positive comments. I would like it if no one compared Xav and I. lol. Our styles are too different. I love Xav and give him a lot of respect for his ability, clearly an amazing flatlander with flow. My style is flips and other tricks down sets and while grinding. Kinda two different pages of the same chapter. (lame!) But yeah. And also thanks for putting in the time variable. I did only film this in about 2 and a half hours before the superbowl. But i will be releasing a video in april, with footage from when I get my uni until april. Should be really good and kinda show you what i’m up to. Thanks you for all your time and comments, good and bad.

-Shaun Johanneson

Thanks for posting this Shaun.

Flip tricks might not look that great themselves, but they serve a much greater purpose for street riding. These “flip tricks” are core street tricks that will allow riders to do faster and bigger moves down sets and in lines. Without flipping your cranks a lot of street tricks would have to be done static.

About comparing riders:

It seems that the current “best street rider” according to these forums is always the person that posts the newest video. I think there are 5-10 riders that all are pushing street riding with new tricks and ideas and from what i’ve seen I don’t think there is really one rider that is that far in front of any other rider. Xavier Collos’s newest video was a great example of a good mix of stylish and fast street riding (which is my favorite kind of riding), but there wasn’t anything in there that hasn’t been done or couldn’t be done pretty easily by a few riders. I’m not knocking Xavier at all, he’s definitly one of the best riders and comes up with some great looking tricks. His video also didn’t feature his bigger tricks! I will say that Shaun and Xavier are the 2 riders I see with the most potential to become dominant.

Also, the only rider i’ve seen that can really do tricks that aren’t within other peoples abilities (i.e. they couldn’t learn them in 30 minutes or a few days) is Shaun Johanneson, but he’s gotta work on his style :slight_smile:

hey dan when are we gonna see a vid from you (im too poor to buy defect)

Thanks Dan (sarcasim). Haha. o0oo oo0o <- (me flipping him off) haha.
I’ll work on my style when you gain weight. haha.

-Shaun Johanneson

hey shaun…what are the specs of the uni your riding in that vid?..not that it matters…i just wanna kno.

Yeah, were’s the KH?

That video is pure deceit. Every trick in that video was made with photoshop and iMovie. Congrats on your effective use of LIES.

But seriously, sweet video. You’ve inspired me.

Absolutely amazing riding…and finally something to show off when you’re asked to “Do a backflip!”. :wink: The unispin to donkey flip was particularly amazing.

I noticed you’re having the same problem as me with your camera. You may find that thread interesting, it seems this is a common problem with some particular CCD’s. I haven’t yet taken it in to be repaired…I’m scared of the cost. One semi-solution you may like to try though is to set your white balance to “Spotlight” or something to that effect. That works best on my Sony DCR TRV22E. My camera used to look like that with the little bit of yellow and the strange vertical streaks…it’s gotten worse, but this “spotlight” white balance setting seems to work reasonably well. I’m filming a trials comp I’m riding in next sunday so I guess we’ll find out then.

Again, outstanding riding!