Syko Productions presents Shaun Johanneson

Shaun Johanneson has been selected as the first member of Syko Productions sponsored team, Team Syko. Shaun brings a diverse mix of skill, creativity, and positive attitude that has helped mold him into one of the sports top riders. Along with Bedford Unicycles, Team Syko will help Shaun with equipment and promotion.

Here’s a short video of Shaun sessioning from Spring/Summer 2005:

*Note - This is not filmed by Syko Productions and yes thats a triple flip at the end!

Hometown: Mandan, North Dakota

Age: 17 years old

About his riding:

Shaun has pioneered combo/tech grinds and flip tricks. He is the first person to land a double flip, triple flip, trey flip (360 unispin crankflip), varial flip and inward flip (180 unispin with reverse body varial crankflip). He rides street with a little bit of freestyle and flatland.

In October 2005, Shaun won the “What do you Freestyle?” contest put on by Target/Levis. The contest asked for participants to submit 1 clip of them doing something unique, creative and entertaining. Most submissions included bike and skateboard tricks, while Shaun wowed the judges with an 11 stair pedal grind. For his efforts will receive an all expenses paid trip to Aspen, Colorado for the winter X-games.

When did you start unicycling and why:
March 5th 2001, Saw Kris Holm on Ripley’s Believe it or Not and wanted to learn, got a unicycle (24" torker) for my birthday early. Got serious winter of 2003-2004 after watching the trailer for U2.

Why do you like to ride:

It’s awesome, to do a sport that is in the minority. I like to ride for advancement as well. The feeling of achievement is unmatched.

Other Interests:
Weight Lifting (last time I talked to Shaun he was working on his ass), Dancing

Shaun’s words of wisdom:
Don’t get discouraged, practice is all it takes. Ride hard, but have fun.

Contact Shaun:
shaun (at) sykoproductions (dot) com

-Dan Heaton


Congrats, man!

thats really cool. he definitley deserves it, hes amazing with his riding. blows me away. i like these words too.
Don’t get discouraged, practice is all it takes.

That video clip was amazing. I’m sure he’ll inspire even more people. Just where is this sport headed?!? Way to go, Shaun, and thanks, Dan, for posting the clip.

Hey every one else look at my signiture, that is what he said after stomping the dubble flip!

Thats awesome. I have been waiting for this. Now I don’t have to keep it a secret. Is no one else amazed by the triple crankflip at the end? Anyway congratulations Shaun and keep riding hard.


What’s the deal with X-Games? Does he just get to go watch? Shaun fully deserves the sponsorship and whatever else comes his way, most improved rider over the last year and a bit, and from the looks of that video, possibly now the best rider in the world. I wonder what he’s gonna do next?

Congrats Sean on the sponsorship! That clip is awesome.


UUUHHHDA DA DA DA DA!!! TRIIIIPLE CRANKFLIP!!! Thats, like, above and beyond the laws of physics!

congrats, shaun!

That is some incredible riding. Congratulations, keep up that great riding. INSANE!!!

Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to hear who the sponsorship went to. Congratulations, Shaun.

Fantastic video clip Dan. Shaun is a phenomenal rider. It’s very generous of you to sponsor a rider and it’s a very positive reflection on the sport and community.

holy craaap, shaun is INSANE!! I want to be Shaun Johanneson when I grow up. congratulations!


Anyone remember this post?

One year later he has improved by orders of magnitude and has begun to do exactly what he claimed was possible.

Congratulations, Shaun. You earned it.

Jaw droppingly impressive.
Well done.


shaun 2 words for you : YOU OWN

I want to grow down so I can grow up to be Shaun Johanneson.

Congrats to Shaun for his sponsorship and Dan for continuing to push the sport beyond anything most of us could imagine. You guys are inspirations to all aspiring street/freestyle riders!

That’s unbelievable. Wicked riding, keep it up. Good on you Dan as well. The sport is blasting forward thanks to amazing riders like Shaun and the promotion Dan does. Thanks guys.

I’m almost so stoked I might get back into riding.



Thanks everyone. All this hype helped me get back into riding. (I’ve been out of it for about two months). I fixed my unicycle and everything, so stoked to go out and ride, went out, and in a few minutes broke a spoke again. Is it just me, or at the height of anybody elses riding does it seem that God himself doesn’t want you riding? I quit riding two months ago because I broke spokes, then fixed them, then repeat, over and over, and over just now. But thanks for all the help and support. Everyone just keep riding and improving, and fixing the uni, haha.
-Shaun Johanneson
p.s. Thanks again Dan.

oh my god… that was crazy good… you and alex toms needs to play skate… um but with unicycles