Triple Flips?

  1. shaun
  2. alex
  3. xavier
  4. jerad
  5. mike
  6. sabin

Im pretty sure thats right.

If it doesnt rain ill get the double this weekend (hopefully). Ill be trying it off of 1 pallet.

are there vids of someone doing a triple? ive never seen it done.

I think there may be one in Shauns “Macht Nada Vid” trailer. na di f not there then i dont kno.

its in the syko vid… the one that annouced the sponsership of shuan by syko productions…

I doubt this…Shaun has been sponsered by SYKO for a while( I think) and hes only been doing double since around thanksgiving(Also i think).

But assuming your right…Where can i find this video?

Its a double not a triple in shauns syko vid. I learnt 1.5 flips on flat couple of days ago, i think im pretty close to doubles, i could probably do them off a tiny drop or on a lip

Nope, sorry.

Excuse me. It’s put in slow motion for a reason. It goes around three times. By the time i just get my foot off the pedal from kicking it it’s all ready around once. Then goes two more. It is three.

I’m not sure if i’ll have a triple in the vid, cause i want to release the vid today, and start filming for a littler video for everyone when school gets out. (which should have a triple). This footage has all aged about 3 weeks withno new footy and i just want to get it off my hands. So it should be out today.

-Shaun Johanneson

I landed a backflip today! It wasnt really that hard, I dont really think its off topic because this thread has already changed subjects. I love crankflip related threads! :slight_smile:


Sorry man. It was so fast i coulden’t tell, i just assumed it was a double.

It’s cool, sorry about my reply. Nicely done with the backflip.

Does anyone else crankflip on there freestyle? i learned crankflips a while ago but forgot and i have now relearned them on my freestyle and im finding it really easy, the cranks spin alot faster and i even landed a couple of 1.5 flips, woo!

i dont have a freestyle

I too like flip threads so i’m gona keep it alive by announcing, that i landed sif crankflips today and a couple of hickflips

I do my hickflips 2 handed though so are they still called hick flips

You mean seat out to seat out right?

Nice work man, I hope to get outs soon.


yeh seat out to seat out

cheers nunite exams tomos!

I landed 180 flips and can consistantly land flips up and down curbs.


P.S still cant get out flips… angry

Sorry for another post but I just landed rolling backflips (riding forwards)!

Im super stoked.


Thats 2 flip tricks in 2 days!

Wow, look at how all this has moved on, Shauns stopped going for big flips (for good reason) and there are a fair few triple flippers (one I know of on flat).

I can now tripleback on flat and Kristian Kovach (spelling…?) can triplefront on flat. (Both terribly inconsistant…)

Doubles quite literrally don’t mean anything anymore until your doing variants of them, triple variants will come out soon from Kristian.

How street has progressed, eh?


Yo Mike!
Btw it’s Krisztián Kovács, Kriss Kross or Fast Flips as Shaun sad it :smiley: :smiley: and if u guys wont to see a vid of the tripleflip on flat here is the link from :

Oh and Kris did a quadflip on flat at fluck XD but on a 12" uni XD