Triple Flips?

I thought about this because I recently learned Double flips. How many people can triple flip? Shauns the obvious one but are there any more?

I also want to ask if it is easier to land multiple flips on a quarter pipe, in a similar way to which Shaun Johanneson does his double and triple flips and how Sabin does his doubles? For those who have not seen this, he doesnt completly air out of the quarter pipe but just rolls up a little and then does it, he does it riding almost parallel to the ramp so he lands facing almost the same way.

Thanks in advance,

Im almost certain that Alex Toms(Tomsey) can do em. I think that alex is also the first to lanfd a double back.

I can do them :wink:

I have never seen Alex triple any way. He is an amazing smooth rider though.


nope i cant do them. the concept seems crazy even for me.

i dont know if anyone else can do them, apart from shaun.

Ok my bad but i was sure you did one in the Aus. Street Weekend vid…Maybe it was just a fast double. You can do double backs though right?

As far as I heard, it’s not that Shaun can do them, it’s that he has done them.

But that has probally changed/will change soon, knowing him. :slight_smile:

yeah… i dont think shaun does them on regualr basis… they take so much physical effort.

yeah i can do double backs. im not sure if anyone else is doing them yet either.

me my self I think that double backs are easyer then fronts… even tho I neve rlanded it spining it double back i easyer for me… well easyer then double front… (my dominant foot is in the back)

You people with your dominant foot in the back are lucky. Back flips look so much better than front ones.

I dont agree… front are way flowyer

Shaun said his vert is increasing so he can almost do them on flat, soIm sure he can do them on a ramp. Is that easier? I guess so.


increase my vert…

of course it all makes sense now


anyway triple flips thats just silly

i can do singles and 180 flips sometimes

urmmm seat out stationary crank flips sometimes and learning seat out stationary hicks

Tomsey’s my (lowercase g) god with backcrankflips. I’m looking at doublebackflips but there a mile away with 20/4000 vision. So yeah.

Doubles are easier on lips. (You lose the lip skill though when you go to flat, it takes me a few tries to do a dub on a lip). Trips on flat, hmmmm, getting close, but not really, it’s looking good this summer. Expect a trip flip on lip in this next vid. um… Yeah start on lip, i only know one person to not do it on a lip. Good luck with triples, they’re really hard, lol. Laters

p.s. To me the more flips in one jump the cooler, but to others it probably won’t be since it’s hard to tell after two flips. But I like being able to do tricks that only experienced eyes can see.

-Shaun Johanneson

By ‘it’ do you mean doubles or triples? I do my doubles on flat, I have never tried on a lip.


Doubles, that makes you the 2nd. Nice

wooo go mike you rock

Doesnt that make me the third in the world? Because You can, Jerad can and me?


sorry, i should say that you’re the 2nd person to learn it on flat rather than a lip, or down something. But a few of us can hit it on flat. I think there are six total doubleflippers, one douibleback, and one triple. So it’s getting bigger.

-Shaun Johanneson