Syko Productions presents Shaun Johanneson

Wow! I’m no street rider, but those flips and whatnot were the smoothest I’ve ever seen. Really really incredibly impressive!


what a cool vid

thanks for showcasing a wider variety of shaun’s skills, he’s amazing!
i mean, his defect section was amazing too, but I liked seeing more of his tricks down stairsets as well as his flatland style stuff like yours dan

Shaun, your tech tricks are amazing!!! all those flips and spins, into and out of rails… jeez…
keep up the great work dan and shaun!!!

I think I’m blind now! That was awesome!

this is really what i imagine the future of street unicycling being like. great work, keep it up. i may have something of my own to offer sometime in the future.

I have a new hero…

Now I just need a trials uni 'cause like… DAMN!!!

Shaun, crazy stuff! You are a street maniac!


I don’t think you can get more technical, more smooth, or more utterly amazing than Shaun. I mean…a TRIPLE FLIP…Congrats Shaun, can’t wait to see what sick stuff you pull out in the future

All this hype helped me get back into riding. (I’ve been out of it for about two months). I fixed my unicycle and everything, so stoked to go out and ride, went out, and in a few minutes broke a spoke again.QUOTE]

Now that’s amazing!

This makes me a little nervous. I’ve been noticing this trend where some of the upper-level riders (whether on these boards or from private online conversations) have either thought about quitting, or actually quit riding for a few months (or any amount of time).

My question is: Why?

I asked that “why?” question too about 6 months ago. It has to do with everytime I go out riding I break something, and i’m not even going big. So I go home and fix it then go back out. Well after this happens three, four, or five times, it’s just, “hey I have enough footage let’s just work with that.” I would have done it right away but my computers messed up and editing was impossible, as well as capturing was impossible. So i’m sorry i was so late with releasing everything. But riding again, so I hope I can get something out for everyone again in a alittle bit. Thanks for all the support.

-Shaun Johanneson
p.s. If you want to add me to hotmail

Shaun you are an amazing rider. I have nothing else to say except you are the most technical rider ever!!

For the sake of mankind, please don’t stop fixing your spokes. Please.

(After watching the video clip a third time)

Crap, thats better than in Defect…

Yeah, right. I wold say 180 down an 8 set is sorta big.

Nah hes talking bout like doing a backcrankflip on ground and one breakin. Or like a 180flip and one breaking.


hey man, look at you rocking out
the hype is awesome.
some sweet as stuff in there

we should play skate some time haha.


what is the best unicycle to get for a beginner of trials riding?

Why did you post that question here? Look around the forums for that question or even better have a look at

sorry, didnt know.
but thanks.

HAHAHA That was a lil random, but still a cool thread to get bumped up. Rock on Shaun

mmm shaun’s progression over 3.5 years is inspirational.