THE FLIP VID (shaun johanesson)

ehhh I dont really know if shaun wanted me to post it for him or just to put it in the gallery for him… but yea… anyways do all your nice comments to shaun here and I think this vid is out because of his new sponsorship… anyways here it is… I hope he wont kil me… (cauz he could)

you are all welcome

not caps

Thanks a lot Max. That’s rad. Wow there goes a lot of stress.
-Shaun Johanneson

Hope you all enjoy.

It’s gona take 2 hours for me to download it… might go land my 1st crankflip in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue:

Woah, thats awesome. It makes me want to practice more flip tricks. All I can do are normal flips and 180 flips:(
I really like the 180 double and all those unispin flip variations.

Oh my god…

wicked… i better run and make my legs bleed!
…for learning all that, i mean…

p.s.: besides the video… any TIPS on FLIPS?

wow…awesome video. that 360 hop twist with the crankflip was awesome!

is a outflip just a unispin with a front crankflip? and a hickflip is a unispin with a back crankflip?

I think it would be less confusing just to say unispin front crankflip or unispin back crankflip (well i guess that kind of gets cumbersome and long, but oh well)

any tips for unispin crankflips? my feet can never clear the wheel after i spin it and do the flip. I have regular front crankflips seat in/out down and can sometimes do 180 flips.

Any tips for back crankflips?

What? No triple flip??

Well I can’t do triples on flat haha.
The outflip is from seat in to seat out, kinda lame, but put it in there anyway. And a hick flip is just a unispin crankflip. For a tip on that is put a lot more force on teh spin of the cranks than anythign else. It’s hard to get them to spin around if you concentrate only on teh unispin. But yeah, good luck, sorry i couldn’t help more.

-Shaun Johanneson

That was the boost i needed. I need to practice some more.

Beautiful man, just beautiful.

Really sweet,

The technical part is perfect. I like the way of filming and the repetitive rythm of the tricks. I am not disappointed for having waiting until 5:30 am.

It would be hard to give a result to the virtual vid contest with Xavier, the videos are really different. Both of you have developped your own style and as you mentionned, the time for filming was quite different to.


What’s a hickflip? LOL. Anyways, great vid. I loved it. Keep em coming man. In about a month i should be riding again. Time for a little competition.


Thanks. So many new ways I wish I could hurt myself.

sex changes are so sexy

i loved the unispin to donkey flip that was shweet and the double crnakflip 180 at the end.

Wow, good job shaun !! that vid is awesome. the varial back flip and the 180 double flip !!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


Xavier C.

Is no one going to give him credit for the goofy flip? That’s a crankflip with his opposite foot forward. I don’t know about you all who can’t even crankflip with your normal foot, but with your other one?? Wow, good job again Shaun, keep it up. You’re doing good things for the sport.


Yeah man, Shaun is the flipping king. I’m hopefully gonna be landing my 1st crankflip tomorrow and I’ve been studying Shauns goofy flip frame by frame coz I do them left foot forward (it’s nicer to see stuff done the same foot as you etc.). Interesting to see how he quite often gets his backfoot back on the pedal quite a long time before the front foot touches down (although you can only notice “quite a long time” frame by frame!)

So yeah hopefully tomorrow night we’ll be able to post a vid of my 1st ever crankflip (if anyone wants to critique it for me?) and also Joe getting the new (unofficial) longjump world record (by 22cm!!)

Shauns is just an awesome instructional video too, I can see a lot of noobs are going to be pointed in the direction of this video after asking “whats a crankflip?”

It looks like Shaun’s practiced trey flips more than anything coz he absolutely nails the one in the video!!

Who’s the genius who named the “donkey kick”… I like it :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as I know it was Dan that named it.