THE FLIP VID (shaun johanesson)

im in school so i cant watch it. i now it will probably be he best thing ive seen in a long while though, so it gives me time to prepare. :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed this video!! Nice job Shaun! I especially enjoyed the late tricks.

Pretty tech!

Ohh I really liked the 360-flip. I was wondering the other day if that were possible.

I believe brian (uniextreme) does backwards crankflips right foot forward and does forwards crankflips goofy (left foot forward) there was a shot of it in some of the extra footage of defect.


That was a very sweet video, sooooo many variations, keep it up.


Yeah, but he does them with one foot still on the pedal I think. Not a full fledged crankflip?

And I agree.


Brian’s crankflips I call full crankflips, he’s just that good. And he does flip them goofy forward but in my mind he is fully dominant with his left foot either with forward (goofy) or backwards (normal). But yeah sick either way. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I like the idea of this being more of a instructional video than a highlight film.

shaun I know this is going to piss you off for me saking but could you or some one give the defination of what each trick is? So many looked colse to the same but i couldnt tell what was difrent.

that was FLIPPIN’ SWEET!

you must practice like 5 hours every day!

I want your Bedford hat…:wink:
I think my favorite one is the varial backflip, it looks like you are hovering in the air for a while. It looks awesome.

does any one have a mop?.. i kind of drooled.

that was really crazy. i probably shouldnt have watched it. i feel sick now. shaun is so good it makes me want to throw up. seriously good job man!

A lot of the tricks look the exact same… then just replyed 2 times then he spun it the other way then replayed it 2 more times… some good tricks tho kid.

Im sure I dont talk for my self when I say STFU

Dude, “just spinning it the other way” makes it completely different. You would understand if you could crankflip. Doing a front crankflip is completely different than a back flip same with switch, fakie and all of that. With really techy tricks like that its cool to see them a couple of times because after the first time you usually think “what just happened?”.
At least he doesn’t point at the camera everytime he lands a trick…

I second you spencer… I sitll do add STFU and haha owned noob

dude i am not trying to get a sponcer or anyting. i just film the riding i do in my free time… i never said i was better… i dont care if i am a “noob” cuz u dont even have a life. ur on this web site for aleast 4 hours a day… like it is good to dedicated but not spend every waking second at ur computer waiting for someone to reply on the fourm…

whats STFU? whatever it is i guess i’ll second it

shut TF up.

that was one of the single most amazing things i have seen in a long time
it was incredibly rad

thinks 2 self “i wander will i even get any where near as good as that…probably not”