Suggestion - make Categories the default homepage view

As per the title.

As an awful lot of people browse the forums, “Categories” may be a better default view on the homepage than the “Latest” view as it is right now. instead of

You still get the latest posts that way, but can more easily just browse a category (especially when you’re less familiar with Discourse)

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You can change that in your user preferences :slight_smile:


You can, but for non-logged in users (who are the most likely to browse), they can’t change that.

It could be changed, but I’d like to gather more opinions about this. :+1:

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agreed to stay as before using Categories by default

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I think the category view makes it easier for those not being up to date all the time and knowing every thread. I also changed it in my settings.

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I recommend at least redirecting the old /forums to the /categories as those are similar views.

Looking at both the current /latest and /categories I think the /categories view is better since it does include both the categories and the latest posts (though without preview) on desktop.

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Agreed with Eric and others above. On a forum with a lot of traffic like here, it might make sense to have categories by default as what’s new fills up super fast!
Maybe we can add the What’s new in the How-to as it’s a great feature once you’re familiar with Discourse!

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I changed it:

Thanks for your opinions :slight_smile:


Cool! Is it possible to have a sticky at the top, a “Read-me first” that would have the “Welcome to the new forum” info as well as the basic “How-to” tips?

For a logged out or new user, it will look like this:

There is the introduction banner (it will disappear in one year, but I might decrease the duration) as well that the two important pinned topics, but those ones appear in the topic list, not on the top of the main content, and I don’t think I can change this behavior.

By default, pinned topics in Discourse are automatically unpinned for a user when they have read it.


Perfect! I would just add a link in the first paragraph to one or both of those threads:

A link to what? :thinking:

Good idea, the redirection is added:

Sorry I meant a link to one of the two “What’s new of the forum” posts directly in the Welcome message at the top. And in one of those two posts you should put a demo of the “Latest” interface as it’s really cool once you get into it!

Good idea, it’s done:

I like very much the Latest topics view, without categories, and I suspect that having a fullscreen stream of posts may encourage new users to participate, but I could be very wrong, that’s just a feeling I have.
Anyway, I already did what you suggest in this topic after I changed the home page view :wink:

Step 1)

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