New forum: what has changed?

Here is a short presentation of the new features: Not familiar with the new forum software? Read this short tutorial
If you want to try forum features like replying, posting images and other stuff, please do it in this thread: :memo: Tests topic : feel free to test anything in this topic

You’ll need to reset your password to log in

The account passwords were not imported from the old forum, so you’ll need to set a new one (click on “I forgot my password”). If you don’t receive the automatic reset email after a few minutes, contact us at Please mention your username.

There are new categories

There are now three “unicycling related” categories:
1: #unicycles-and-equipment
2: #riding-advice
3: #general-unicycling-discussions If a unicycling thread doesn’t belong to the first two categories, it should go into this third one.

A lot of older topics were relocated using an automated script and some might have been moved to the wrong category - hopefully it shouldn’t be many. If you spot an older topic in the wrong category, please report it to us so it can be moved to the right category.

We’ve added a category for new users to introduce themselves: #introduce-yourself.
Feel free to introduce yourself again… after all, this is a shiny brand new forum!

Some threads with more than 10000 replies have been hidden

The new forum software doesn’t like threads with a LOT of replies as it impacts performance.
Some of these threads have been split in smaller chunks. Largest threads (“most replies”) have been moved in a private category until we can figure out what to do with them technically.

Spam has been cleaned up

There were a lot of spam messages on the previous forum. A major clean-up was done, but if you see some that weren’t removed, please report them.

The new forum has a spam filter for new messages. But if you spot some spam that still managed to get through, please report it by flagging the message:
Click on the three dots next to the reply button:
Then click on the flag button:

There are new fields that you can fill in your profile

And thanks @Gilby for supporting and helping for this project! :+1:


Thank you so much Canapin for this huge job :clap:


I point is that when I join an article with a new update, I join the 1st message while I would prefer to see the last one ! Can you change this ?


The timeline should remember where you were the last time you left the thread, and set you to the same position the next time you open the thread.
If you opened a thread but stayed on the first post, and the topic is updated with a new message, when you open it again, you’ll be on the first post as expected.

If it doesn’t work like this, that’s a weird issue. To go to the end of a thread, you can press the end key on the keyboard, or click the date at the bottom of the timeline.

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Thanks @Canapin, you rock!

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On my Iphone I don’t see the « END » key note !

Two options for mobile: from the topic list view tap the last modified time, or from the thread view tap the message count to view the timeline.


Thanksa lot for you work! It’s great to have the forum back. I haven’t been active in recent years, but it’s such a great resource and I enjoy browsing it from time to time. The new software is a huge improvement.

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