something crazy for the end of the season

That’s the plan:
On Monday, Marc, Valentin, Andy and me will try to set up some kind of record: the most negative altitude, ridden in one day, all on different trails (at least 90% singletrack)!
We stay at the Jakobshorn (2590masl) in Davos (after we warm up on Sunday afternoon) so that we can ride with the headlights before breakfast the first 1000vertical meters. Then we are allowed to use the employees railway of the Parsennbahn high and then so on all day (we will use at least 4 different cablecars and also possibly the bus or another car). We anticipate that we will be good 12-13 hours on the road including transportation.
On Elsbet and the Challenge Grischa Muni riders from us have already made over 4000vertical meters, the goal is thus to make more than that.
Problems:at the time there is pretty much snow over 1800masl and the weather seems to be not quite perfect (but probably not too bad).

I am pleased once again like a child and am excited to see what will be possible (following the planingung and theory there would be possible a lot)!

Sounds like a fantastic day - good luck!

Yeah, I read in another thread that you were considering this. Should be a great event. And the good thing about doing it in Sept/Oct is that you can do it again in summer and break your own record. Longer day, dryer conditions… Have fun!


now it looks like the weather will be good, also some of the snow is already gone!

@klaas: that were my thoughts too!

My knees hurt just thinking about it. :smiley:

Consider bringing backup brake parts!

yes, i will bring a seond brake for sure! andi and valentin don’t use a brake :astonished: :astonished:

how it looks like at the moment (just a little above our strat): :smiley:

but it seems getting better… :slight_smile:

yes! the weather will be perfect and also a lot of the snow is already gone!
we’ll leave in an hour for going to davos to do a little warm up ride, before we’ll spend the night on the top of the jakobshorn!

i’m really looking forward especially for the first ride in the dark with the headlights on a trail we’ve never been before (and probably with snow on it)!

it’s done!!!

Marc vogt and turtle set a kind of a world record on monday the 4th of octobre: 8100 vertical meters (26570 feet) of downhill on the muni in 12 hours! more then 90% on singletrails and always on different trails!!!

andi had to give up after 2000 meters because of a twisted ankle and a cut in his knee, valentin gave up after 5000 meters because he didn’t have a brake and didn’t want to hurt himself.

it was a fantastic day , alsmost no snow, also many many cool trails!!!

film will follow

That’s fantastic! Cheers guys! Was it more than you thought you could do?
Also, valentin may have broken the record for brakeless downhill in 12 hours (well probably less than 12 hours).
What was the horizontal distance, and (therefore) average speed? Wheel size?


yes valentin was just crazy!!

i thougt we’ll do 6000-8000 meters, if we wouldn’t have missed a cable car at lunchtime, there would be possible even almost 10’000 meters (that’s the challenge for next year :p)

our trackers didn’t work all the time, so we don’t have all the details yet.

wheel sizes: valentin and andi rode a 24" marc and me 26"

here’s the vid:

That is some crazy terrain and views! I need to get out to the alps next year to do some epic muni with you.

Congrats! That is great stuff, looks like a great way to spend a day. Does one pass get you up all the cable cars? In America, you could never get that close to a helicopter with the rotor moving, nor would you want to.
You should plan to beat your record on the full moon June 15th 2011, there is a total lunar eclipse that night. Here are two pics from my Davos trip in Nov. 08’ with my son, we loved it. I was there with his high school ice hockey team, traveling and playing teams in Davos, Lugano, and Garmisch.


when spend the night in davos you’ll get a free ticket for all the transportations for day day of your arriving and leaving!!
(otherways it costs 48 swiss francs a day! we payed 56 francs for the hostel :smiley: up on the top of the jakobshorn for the first night we payed 70 francs but including the dinner and breakfast)

the idea with full moon night ist really good, but also riding in the real dark with the headlights is a great adventure!

Congratulations Turtle !! What an amazing day that must have been. The scenery and trails looked absolutely awesome. Not much to say … other than … WOW !! Nice… :slight_smile:

That’s what you have that full lunar eclipse for. A spell of total darkness in an otherwise moonlit night, you can’t get it any better! And June 15th gives you essentially the maximum of daylight.

That was excellent. Man I want to go riding there before the winter.
Congratulations to your record too! That’s a lot of downhill in 12 hours.

Aweseome looking ride. Thanks for sharing.

thanks for the comments again!! looks like they’ll put a small article in the swiss and maybe in a german MTB magazin.

@aspenmike and Klaas: i thought about the 15th of june and think it’s would be great to do it then again…but then i figured at this time there will be to much snow up there, and i can’t think of an other place to do something like this… other full moons are at the 13th of august and the 12th of september, probalbly we’ll take the sebtembre because that would be a monday, so less hikers will be on the trails… (this year we’ve seen the whole day about 4-6 hikers)

I see the point.

  • For the snow you want to do it at the end of summer.

  • For daylight you want to do it at the beginning of summer.
  • You want to avoid weekends.
  • Maybe you want to avoid the holiday season as well, in view of the number of hikers?
A full moon is imho just a nice bonus, not a must. If it is just for the light of the full moon (as opposed to the magic power it gives :)), you can pick plus or minus a few days and still have almost all the light. 15 June has the total moon eclipse as a bonus, you'd miss that in the other full moons. There's a malus too. Before and after the total eclipse, there's an appreciable period in which the moon is partially eclipsed and so gives less light. I don't know, maybe an hour before and an hour after... Anyway, good luck (early wish :)).