Muni 12h downhill record!!

more in this thread:

here’s the vid:

im gonna say what everyone is thinking: what language is this?

Fantastisch! Genossen es…
Seeing the whole day was time well spent.
I love downhills … hate ups! Your country is just mind blowing!!!
I can see the reason for shoulder pads as well … looks steep even on video.
Good friends to ride with too.

thanks for the comments.

@unireed: it is my language (liechtenstein dialect, kind of german, even the germans don’t understand us…)

@shug: yes, there were really steep and rocky sections in it, i don’t know how valentin could ride 5000vertical meters without a brake!!!
and also yes, since i had some injuries this year, i wear a little more protections (didn’d help me when i broke my toe these days… i had the five ten shoes on, if i woul wear the hiking boot which i had on at this record, i would’t have break it…)

exactly two years later (4th of oct.) we try it again! unfortunately Marc is in the states, but luckily David Weichenberger joins me. we will spend the night again on the top and are allowed to take the first cable car at 7.35 in the morning (for staff only) to the other side up. afterwards we try to ride all day long and make more than 10’000 meters of downhill on all different single trails :smiley: