Show Off Your 3d Printed Unicycle Stuff!

Show off your 3d printed gear! I’ve been working on some designs too and want to share them here.

If you have an idea of something that can be printed (generally decorative, or low impact, low stress parts) post it here too!

I’ll start, I designed a brake lever spoon recently.

I can post the file if anyone is interested.


Thats really cool :sunglasses: I have no idea about 3d printing but can appreciate you work.

So far I’ve seen a seatpost clamp shim, a saddle, a handle, a couple of brake lever adapters, and some pedal bumpers.
None looked particularly practical!

Your lever adapter/extension/spoon looks pretty solid though. I wonder how much abuse it could take.

Durability is tbd, the idea is that the bumper will take any impact from UPDs.

A brake lever should only really hit if the ground is pretty uneven. At any rate, it’s printed solid, so should be able to take smaller impacts anyway.

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First, I’d like to link this thread here:

I have a printed (SLM - selective laser melting) steel adapter to fit a d’Brake on an old steel frame with stamped sheet metal bearing holders.


Very nice! Do you have access to an slm printer or did you use a service?

I wanted some more matching color so I printed a set of plugs for the extra holes on my spirit cranks.


That is a great idea ! With more and more multi-hole cranks and the fact that it is a fun & cheap accessory, you are maybe onto the next trend :wink:

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That’s agreat idea, as it prevents the unused thread from collecting dirt!

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Hi Medaceina
Could you post the stl file for this brake lever spoon?
It looks very nice and well shaped :smiley:

I posted the brake lever on my myminifactory page. I’m not sure how universal the fit is, but I also have a model of the KH Starfighter if that’s more your style.


Looks like @corbin has another handle design that may be interesting. He shared this on the Facebook page.


Thanks @Medaceina ! I’ll try to update this post with my progress. I’ll also be posting on my blog (

Best luck. I will say when I printed mine from PETG, it still wasn’t strong enough. I kind of put my design on pause at that point. I could have tweaked the design to add some strength, but the way it failed made me feel like I was a ways off from having something I’d be satisfied with. The design seems similar to yours, but I had my brake mount on the bottom since I was concerned I needed a thicker grip for comfort and strength.

I wonder whether designing with the intention of fibre-wrapping (either carbon fibre or fibreglass) is the way to go.

Making moulds for fibreglass is pretty tricky, but wrapping a one-off lightweight plastic low-infill shell is pretty easy.

Sadly with FDM 3D printing like this the layers are always going to be an issue and you can’t reinforce with fibre in the model (no matter what the fibre laced filament companies want you to believe - the fibres are a few orders of magnitude too small). Some people seem to have had success annealing 3D prints though so maybe that could add a little strength and remove some of the layer issues.

Currently printing an updated version with PETG…but I’ll move to ABS/ASA after that.

Here’s a blog post on some of my ideas:


And a preview of the work in progress CAD files. Index of /3d_printing/unicycle_duality_handle (Fusion 360)

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Cool design! I just saw it on MMF.

I am a noob in 3D printing and mechanical engineering but with this long empty section concentrating stress, couldn’t some internal support structure (honeycombs, zigzag lines…) improve the strength with the same material ?