Show Off Your 3d Printed Unicycle Stuff!

Corbin mentioned on his website that he went to 0% infill to save on plastic for testing, but by default you’d print with an infill, from which you can select a variety of styles to suit the part that you’re making.

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Yup! The PETG version finished and now I’m on to strength issues…new blog post coming soon.

Okay! part 2…strength. This isn’t going to be easy to do.

Too bad you can not print HDPE as the store bought handles are made of. It is hard to beat HDPE tor strength and resistant to impacts. I’ve made a few crude handles by reforming HDPE pipe. I’ve never broke one.


By HDPE piping, are you meaning PEX?

No, the HDPE pipe I have used is black water pipe and larger 2" diameter fiber optics conduit.
Here is a section I used as a bumper and tool container:

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