Selling My Uni For Real ! Custom 19 Inch Profile Uni For Cheap !!!!

Well I am selling for real now specs:

Yuni frame painted in white(paint is gettin really ugly)
Alex DX32 rim
Luna tire
Profile hub and cranks 140s
Custom Viscount kh handle saddle (fits rail adapters)
No seat post unless u want the one in the pics (bent alot!)
Also Im adding my flashy orange frame cauz my white fame is not sexy anymore

I will also re-paint the frame in white so it looks good again (the yuni one)

I am asking 550$ plus shiping this is in Canadian$ For this price you cant even get a KH 20 so this is a pretty good deal !

The only problem with this uni is that it needs the bolt hardware for the right crank (10$ from bedford).

P.M me or reply here if interested or have any questions I will post pics right now.

Pics !

Whole uni:

Cranks :

Everything on this is VERY NEW the cranks have grind scarthes from grinding a bus bench so nothing is bent… rim is brand new but my LBS suck at wheel building so youll need to tighten the spokes no big drops or gaps have big done on this new setup ! ill post a pic of the otehr frame very soon .

oh yeah also, the tube is a anti-flat one with the gel stuff in it…feels really good…tire is a bit used but very ridable…

That seatpost has problems.

major problems…

the frame

Also I want to let you ppl know that the right pedal has a grinded side best thing ever for grinding.

Sorry this is off topic but what are you buying instead? 24"? no uni?

Im thinking about a 24 yes…I am kinda done with street… I break to many seatposts haha…or maybe the money will go on a turbo kit… well see what happens lol

Oh, either get a primo post and rail adapter or get a frame that takes something bigger than 22.2 :roll_eyes:

nah I want a new uni haha

Man, that’s a lot of money for an ugly unicycle with a bent seatpost and poorly built wheelset:( :roll_eyes:

hah nice uni:) it is ugly though :roll_eyes:

it is not ugly, it’s hardcore

thats why there is another frame… BTW a Bedford Hardcore is 700$ everything is new on this uni except the frame and the seat is a bit used…and Im giving a brand new frame and this seat is worth more then a KH seat…

Must…resist…Profiles… GAHHHHH! Why is it always when i have money for this stuff its always for something else.:frowning:

dude, 550? that translates roughly 490 us dollars. the kh trials is 467 dollars. are you nucking futs?

buddy, a profile uni is worth more u idiot, and my saddle is worth more then ur whole life… r u fucking retarded?

k well I wanna sell this so Im droping the price to 400$

this is such a good deal. I don’t really want a profile trials uni,
but I hope you sell it.

Good luck,

also, It has 145 cranks correct?

yep you are correct