Custom Profile Uni !

yea the other thread got trashed… info is here :

New price of 400$ canadian plus shiping !

comon ppl 400$!


how did the other thread get trashed?

primus go to the link at begginning of thread then go to first page of the thread it brings you to

click on the link and the pics are on page one… yes the frame looks ugly but its getting rep-painted right now… and Im also giving away another FREE frame…

can i see a pic after the frame is painted

em Im not painting unless you buy…its gona look like that but all white and with no scartches…

Im not gonna paint until its sold… its gonna look like that but all white with no scathes…

man for 400$ canadian u cant even buy the hub and cranks.

Ill also trade this for a Muni… remember everyonme this a VERy new setup… no big drops or gaps done on this rim,crank or hub…and even tho my white frame is ugly its gonna be painted + ull get the perfectly sey orange one…

I know you may not want to, but … .

How much for just the wheelset?
(rim, cranks, tire, tube, hub, spokes)

I have everything else (and must use a different setup than you have).

i MIGHT be interested in this for a freind…i have to show him pics and such first. would you be willing to ship it down here to the U.S.

k so i just showed the pics to this kid and he wants it, he says dont paint it. he wants to get it powdercoated anyways (unless you are powder coating it?)

No im not pwoercoating… PM with your info…

so what happened to the “flashy orange” frame? will you sell that seperately?and what size is it?

pretty sure im getting the orange frame too

Is this sold yet?

yep unisteez bought it… and yes he is getitn the orange frame+xtra profile crank…

so what are you gonna do with the money max?