OMG sweet deal !

mouhahahaha ! I know we arent suposed to do this… but hey its me…

buy my uni !

if you are not alloed to do it don’t post it

Dear Maxisback please don’t send me PMs saying:

stfu bitch

or what huh ull tell ur moma ? STFU

Thats just the way max is…either you get used to it or you dont… I just got used to it.

haha see trials_uni owns… NEW PRICE 400$ and u little hoe ill kill u if u talk again here

Still over priced, That koxx uni is 450, And it Pwns the crap your of your uni.

hahahahahahah thats good max dose pwone you all hahahah

i honestly hope that you get banned. and i’m dead serious.

you know its wrong to post this, yet you do…if thats not grounds of getting banned i don’t know what is.


lolol ppl r so funny

lolol ppl r so funny and evan ur such a fool… profile owns that man life warenty, stronger, and the parts are easyer to get… yea yea someone plz help tell these noobs… STFU and stop trashing my threads…

Max has already been banned like 6 times…Hes like the cat that came back…He never dies!

Nah, he wouldn’t get banned for that…you either need to post spam or really piss a lot of people off to get banned.

This thread shouldn’t piss anyone off that much, if someone posting a thread about a uni they are selling in the trading post and RSU gets you that mad then you might have problems. :roll_eyes:

spencer is sexy

This explains a lot.

That uni is $525 CAD and Maxs is $400CAD…Max has a way better price.


Ohh, Forgot about CAD.

Haha, I don’t see you disagreeing;)


umm…this thread is SPAM.

and the fact that now he has 2 forsale ads for the same unicycle is pretty rediculous.

you are filling the general discussion forum with crap…

Oh well do as you please. you’re just a bad member of the forum. keep it up, the more you keep it up the sooner you will be gone.


This gets my vote for “most adolescent thread ever”