Road tire on a KH26?

Hi folks! New unier here.

I’ve been practising with my 19" trial uni for a while. Eventually I’d like to get a large wheeler but as I recently had a try on my friend’s 36er, I don’t think I’m quite capable to ride it yet. So I purchased an used KH26 and try to start from there.

I’m living in a plain city, there aren’t any mountain/hills nearby, so as far as I understand that the KH26 is a great muni, I’d like to swap the tire out for something easier to ride on the paved road. I’m here to search for suggestions on such tires, because with a brief search I find most 26" road tires are rather narrow, I’m afraid they won’t fit in the KH’s rim.
Any help is appreciated!

Edit: I’m listing some candidates which I may be able to get here:

Brand Model Width (in) Weight (g) Max Pressure (psi) Wired Foldable Remarks
Schwalbe Fat Frank 2.35 815 55
Schwalbe Super Moto-X 2.4 1095 65
Innova IA-2236 3.0 1600 60 wide, heavy
Maxxis Hookworm 2.5 1170 60
Maxxis DTH 2.3 650 (min) 60 light
Continental Contact Urban 2.2 665 65 light
Cult Vans BMX 2.3 860 50 fancy
GT LP-5 Heritage 2.2 1016 60 fancy
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Try a Schwalbe Fat Frank. It will fit on a wide rim and rolls pretty nicely. You often find them on cruiser style bikes. I actually have one on my own 26er for road riding. Seen here

Oh and they are offered in a few colours. So if you don’t fancy creme you can go with brown, grey (though that one might have been phased out) and the classic black.

Edit: and black with white walls as well… if you are into that sort of thing. :wink:

There are a couple of other Schwalbe that might be interesting, including the Big Apple and Pick-Up.

Others that I have stumbled across that should fit a fairly wide rim include CST Brooklyn Pro and Continental Contact Travel. If you do want a little more “off-road” grip, while retaining fairly low rolling resistance, perhaps Maxxis Holy Roller or Duro Berm Master.

P.S. I should add that, unlike the Fat Frank I have not actually tried any of these on a unicycle, though I have ridden Big Apples on bikes before. However I think a few people here might have tried the Big Apple (29 inch version) and I seem to recall a couple of fans of the Holy Roller. Take some of these names and search the forums for more thoughts and suggestions.

Surly Knard 26"x3" is a good road tire for the 26". I’ve this on my 26" Schlumpf for the road cycling.

One of my favourite wheels is a Nimbus 26 inch . It is about 10 mm narrower than the KH. I run it with a Maxxis DTH 26 x 2.15 foldable bead. This is a very light tyre that rolls very well on hard surfaces.

I think this would be a bit too narrow for a KH rim. However there is also a 26 x 2.3. I recon the extra little bit bigger would work on the wider KH rim.

I still have the KH rim with an off road tyre. Both wheels are complete with cranks, Nimbus Venture 114 on the road and KH Moment 125/150 for the off road wheel. I can swap between them in a couple of minutes.

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Unless you happen to know of a source I suspect you would be hard pushed to find a 26x3 Knard these days.

if still available maxxis did the hookworm 26 x 2.5

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Edit: They also have some 26 Conti RIDE Cruiser balloon tyres at a pretty low price (CHF19.90 = €20.61 / $20.59 :us: / £18.09), which look potentially interesting.

Yeah, that’s right. Years ago the Surly was production for Unis. Now you can find it with eBay but it’s hard.

Thanks folks! Based on your suggestions, I’ve got some candidates in mind:

  • Schwalbe Fat Frank 26x2.0 or 26x2.35
  • Innova IA-2047 or IA-2236 26x3.0
  • Maxxis Hookworm 26x2.5
  • Continental Contact Urban 26x2.2

I’m leaning towards the Innova tire because it’s the widest. What do you think?

I have cycled several 3” road style tyres. Here is a previous itteration of my 26 sporting a Duro “Beach Bum” (26x3.0/70-559).

These kinds of tyres do add a lot of weight. That can be ok, in that the rolling mass is sufficiently high that the wheel does not get slowed so easily by bumps and hence helps stablity. However it is more tiring over distance and up hill. Plus, some of these tyres including the aforementioned “Beach Bum” have serious issues with camber in my experience. So these these days I tend to take it down just a notch and generally go with 26x2.35 (i.e. the Fat Frank).

That said, I do still have a 26X3.0 (74-559) “Super Brick” named for the “brick” style pattern (a.k.a. Innova “City Tire” [IA-2236]), which I still sort of like. Perhaps a bit heavy still up hill (although noteably lighter than the Beach Bum) but it rolls well, supports 65PSI and does not have a major problem with camber. At least not like the “Beach Bum”, which was terrible.

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+1 for the Fat Frank 26x2.35 (or the very similar Big Apple 26x2.35)

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Could 2.35 be too narrow? I heard the KH26 has a rather wide rim.

I ride this tire on my 29er, road and packed limestone bike trails. Center has light tread sides grip if you need it. I run mine 35 lbs. The 29er tire is slightly wider.

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If memory serves the 26 KH had a 47 mm wide rim. I think the rim on my 26er is 42mm. 5mm difference, which is close enough. It should be absolutely fine.

For further evidence, my URC 24 inch uni has a 46mm rim. Sometimes I ride it with CST 24x1.95 C-1383 (53-507) Swing, which is obviously quite a bit less than 2.35 :wink:


I just put a schwalbe motox 26x2.5 on my cargo bike, it would be great on a uni!

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Good to know! Does that mean even 2.2 tires are worth considering? Because I just saw a few colorful BMX tires (e.g. GT BMX LP-5) which could look interesting on the KH.

Edit: oh they do have 2.35 version too!

I’m listing some candidates which I may be able to get here:
(The list will be maintained in the main post)

  • Schwalbe Fat Frank 26x2.35/815g/55psi
  • Schwalbe Super Moto-X 26x2.4/1095g/65psi
  • Innova IA-2236 26x3.0/1600g/60psi WIDE! HEAVY!
  • Maxxis Hookworm 26x2.5/1170g/60psi
  • Continental Contact Urban 26x2.2/665g/65psi LIGHT!
  • Cult x Vans BMX 26x2.3/860g/50psi FANCY!
  • GT LP-5 Heritage 26x2.2/1016g/60psi FANCY!

I ride a vee tire speedster 26x3.8 on my hunirex and it is a great road tire

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