Greetings from China!

Hey folks! A late introduction to my self, still better than never :wink:

I began to learn unicycling 4 months ago. I started on a beginner’s 24er and spent about 20 hours to get the thing rolling, unassisted, which is much slower than I’d like to admit - but hey why didn’t someone tell me that unicycling is super fun!

I was totally sucked in and went crazy that, in 4 months I bought 4 unicycles! Meet three of them here (I’ve gifted the 24er to a friend to lure him in):

(Equinox Street, KH26 with Hookworm tire, Oracle 36)


Glad you have joined the riding community Unicycling is a lot of and it seems that you are really enjoying it.

I like the picture of the unicycles keep riding.:+1:t5::muscle:t5:


Awesome!! You have definitely caught the fever!!

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