Road tire on a KH26?

Umm… that weight does not sound right. I will admit I have not actually weighed it myself but that would make it more heavy than a Nimbus Nightrider-Lite (which UDC UK lists as 1400g) and I find myself seriously doubting that.

On the site I bought mine from, they list it as 1280g, which would continue to make it easily your heavist option but that is still a 320g discrepancy!

I haven’t found any official data but my dealer weighed it themselves:

wow, that is a suprise. I think I might have to go and check my own! :laughing:

26 x 2.50

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I have this tyre on my 29 and can’t fault it what so ever

I’ve pulled my trigger on the Maxxis Hookworm 26x2.5, let’s see how it turns out!

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I have one on a 26 nimbus that was my first “proper” unicycle and it’s still got it on it now after many years. I don’t ride it often but I like the tyre as I find it doesn’t camber too bad and rolls nicely so I think you will be pleased with your choice :+1:

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Me too, love this tire in 29.

And you can’t go wrong with the Hookworm. It’s a tank but it rolls nicely, and the profile is nice.

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The Hookworm would be among the worst choices of a road tyre possible on a 26. Huge camber sensitivity. Virtually no grip on smooth wet surfaces. Poor ride. Incredibly heavy, Literally more than twice the weight of a DTH.

My 26 came with a Hookworm and I changed it to a DTH after just one ride.

Its only feature is the bead to bead tread which makes it very robust. Great for riding across large sharp rocks. However I generally avoid such places as the sharp rocks are brutal on flesh.


Ouch! The bullet is bitten, guess I’ll have to try it myself. Thanks for your input anyways.

@OneTrackMind: I agree. However, I noticed it having a bit more grip on snow/sludge than the Big Apple (or almost-the-same Fat Frank). But then, I never felt the need for more grip. One might even appreciate a heavier wheel for it’s increased stability/moment of inertia. As for the rolling resistance, I felt it’s rather high for a “uni road tyre” – just as expected given the softer rubber and high amount of material – though nothing to worry about, if one enjoys the ride. :slight_smile:

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The tire has arrived, but I just forgot to order a matching tube with it… I presume the factory KENDA 3.0 tube does not work with this tire? Anyways I ordered a Maxxis 1.5-2.5 tube, gotta wait for a few more days.

you could pump the tube every so slightly just to get its shape with it inside the tyre without it being on the rim just to see how it looks.

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The tire is on!
First impressions on a brief 5km ride: smooth, butterly smooth. I ride on a well-paved greenway I can barely feel the road under the wheel. It’s much lighter and more easy-driven than the vanilla Wildlife tire, so I’d consider changing the crankset to a shorter pair.

On the other hand it’s much less stable, made me nervous when making sharp turns. Speaking of camber sensitivity, I’m not gonna pretend I know what it means, but there is a tilted section in the greenway and I think it rolled just fine.

Overall I’m quite satisfied (at least for now). I’ll try to swap to the shorter crank holes tomorrow to see how it performs.

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100mm is a pretty nice size for a 26 on the road. 89mm works too, while 75mm just feels too short to me. Then again it might be less hilly where you live.

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Sounds like your pleased with the tyre which is great and i dont want to say i told you so…hehe!!

To help understand camber if roads and paths were totally flat then they would hold water on the surface, To get around this they slope/drop off slightly so water can run away. Camber sensitive is how much you get pulled into the lowest point whilst riding across it.

High sensitive means you will have to steer and fight the unicycle to keep it riding straight on the camber slope.

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I have a used but still in good condition cult x vans tire I can get rid of. It’s 26”

Thank for the explanation, that makes a lot of sense. Since I’m still quite new to the unicycling realm, I think it might be that I still have too many factors to balance while riding, that I myself is not sensitive enough to the tire’s camber sensitivity.

I really like the look of the vans tire, but I was still a bit afraid that it might not be wide enough, so I opted to stick with a wider one. Thanks!