Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

I have seen threads like this in the past but nothing recent. Take a picture of one (or more!) of your currently used unicycles and post a picture, so we can see the range of what unicycles look like these days. Maybe talk a little bit about the parts. I can start.

This is my 26er. The oldest parts of this (the wheelset, including the hub) are from a unicycle I bought in response to one of my first postings on this forum. Since that time I have replaced or tweaked various parts for different reasons. The frame was a result of not looking after the original Nimbus frame. The short (89mm) cranks are to give me some speed as I am currently using it for road usage. Similarly the fat frank road tyre, instead of a more aggressively treaded tyre. The green seat post clamp and pedals are actually intended to be with my URC 24 (which has a green frame) but I put them on here for fun contrast against the red frame (well unless you are colour blind, in which case perhaps the contrast will not be obvious at all :wink:). No brakes. The frame has a brake mount but I would need to rebuild the wheelset with a hub that supports a disk to make use of that. Perhaps one day in the future.

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Just a little more on this

The key part from the above link for those that don’t feel like clicking

In case anyone was curious, I did eventually separate the old Nimbus frame (after I had already ordered a new frame of course) and I still have that lying around somewhere. :rofl:

5 unicycles hanging on the wall. Some more used than others.


Not sure about the first (from left to right) but after that it appears to be Nimbus, M4O, Kris Holm, Kris Holm.

Edit: Ok I think the first is Nimbus as well

Here’s mine swimming in mud :slight_smile:


We have a similar thread on our French forum! Lots of pictures (and stories, if you read French…) :slight_smile:

Currently, I only own a KH 24" that I don’t use, and a QX 27.5" that I use every day (perfect size wheel for me):

I also had a custom freewheel 24", but I didn’t use it so I sold it last year:


It is in good hands, don’t worry, and I do practice with from time to time, even if current restrictions and weather don’t help



Nice and welcome to the forum!

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Difficult or you just didn’t enjoy it?

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I don’t read french but I just looked through lots of the pictures. Really interesting.

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Too lazy to learn! :sweat:

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Ha, fair enough. I get the motivation thing. I still haven’t learnt to idle. I did consider putting the effort in just to annoy @UniMyra but now that he is doing quite well at it, I have no more reason to learn. :rofl:


Thanks! I hope to post many more, I just started unicycling two months ago!


Oh nice. In that case congrats!

I need to ride my muni more.



I never managed to get that saddle turned around on the Miyata… anyways, a 36" should be joining (left to right) Cosmo and Harvey soon.

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How do you like that long handled M41 saddle?

My babies


It’s pretty nice. Lightweight and stiff. Elegant design.

I went for the long as it matches the hand position I used with my old KH T-Bar (which it replaced). In practice I find that I don’t use the full length much for muni, so if I was buying it again I would consider the medium instead.

I don’t have a strong opinion on the saddle comfort since I only use it for muni. I should try it on my 36er sometime and see what it’s like for longer rides.