Revolution One

To: The Unicyclist Community
From: Dan Heaton
Subject: “Revolution One” Release
Date: 10/18/2013

I would like to announce the release of “Revolution One: A Story of Off-road Unicycling”. While this film was finished in 2010 and slated to be released on DVD soon after, it ran into some complications and I struggled with being able to release it fully. However, it made the rounds on the film festival circuit, winning multiple awards and going on world tour with the Banff International Mountain Film Festival. The film officially premiered on September 5th., 2009 and was also shown at the Vancouver MUni Weekend in 2010.

With the rapid progression of the sport, I knew the riding in the film would quickly become outdated. However, the story that it tells and the historical footage/photos compiled within are invaluable to our sport. While this film is just a piece of the history of off-road unicycling, I feel the riders in this film have played incredibly important roles in the evolution of our sport. I want to especially thank all the riders who were involved in the making of this film, as it wouldn’t have been possible without the time, support, and hospitality that they gave me. It truly has been amazing being part of unicycling as both a rider and filmmaker over the last 17 years.

The film is available on Vimeo for download and streaming, absolutely FREE. As with many small-scale, independent productions, this film was created on my own time, with my own funds. If you enjoy the film, there is a “Tip Jar” option on Vimeo if anyone would like to help support the costs of making the film. Enjoy!

Thank you,
-Dan Heaton

PS: The film is rated “Mature” on Vimeo. This is due to a couple swear words in the film and one bare butt, though the overall content is pretty mild. If anyone would like a clean version, let me know and I will see what I can do.


A clean version would be nice…

Dan - thanks a lot for releasing this. Besides the great riding and film quality, these films are an invaluable record of some of the history of our sport.

This video makes you want to go out and ride more. Great video, people, gear, rides, and places to ride. Thanks for all your hard work it is appreciated.

Whohoo, that was awesome! Now I need to find somewhere to watch those universe videos…

Dan - you make me wish I was so much younger…superb man, just f@#%ing superb!

Congratulations on the release! Wow, I was never that young, was I?

Wow this film is amazing, it is so good to see how it all began:)

Thanks so much for releasing it, eh? It’s an awesome video, and the time and effort you put into it shines through.

Dan, what an awesome work of art!
Very well deserved documentary film for this wonderful sport - Well Done!

I think your phrase being said in the movie “…accept and respect” describes 100% my feelings (and I guess others as well) regarding this sport whenever I ride with my 36er or 26er daily and sometimes get mocking jokes from people.
I always feel that one of my personal goals is to get accepted and respected and not being compared to a circus clown…

No doubt, this is mandatory movie for every unicyclist - to know the history of the sport and appreciate the hard work of the unicycling pioneers who made it possible to be where we are today.

Many thanks for all the unicycyling pioneers out there - you are my heroes!

Dan, thanks a lot for sharing this movie :slight_smile:

Best of luck in the future.


Wasn’t just you- did you see the clips of Beau Hoover and Spencer Hochberg in there?

I loved watching this fantastic documentary :slight_smile:

What? Beau Hoover is 8. I was with him on his very first MUni ride. He was 8. How can he be in college if he’s 8? He performed at my wedding when he was 8. Oh crap–that was 13 years ago!

Woah! VERY slick, well-put-together piece! Thanks very much. More than happy to hit the jar, and encourage others to do the same. Astonishing that it was released for free! :astonished:

This was so much fun to watch and is inspiring in so many ways – really great filmmaking. Thank you for sharing!!

Epic Dan! Thanks so much for letting people download it. For anyone that has watched it and forgot to tip, please help support it by donating a good donation ($10-20) via the tip jar. Don’t know how much time or money he spent creating this but I’m sure it’s a lot more than you think. Time to show it to my wife, roommates and friends…

I wish I could have seen something like this fifty years ago! I only started a couple of years ago and at 63 years of age, the body is still willing, but the mind keeps saying “Are you crazy, you are going to kill yourself!” Stuff like this makes me want to continue though, so keep it up.

Tips didn’t work for me.

Got it to work!

Awesome video. Thank you so much, Dan.