Finally - Revolution 1.

For anyone who only follows this general discussion page, I think it’s worth posting a link to this long awaited film announcement by Dan Heaton:

Simply Inspiring!

Wonderful story and details of all the clock-work riders of the century in the evolution in Mountain Unicycling we are so lucky to be living in also.

This is the perfect documentary - Great job Dan!

To everyone in the film and anyone it may have unfortunately missed, Thank you for sharing your Passion with all of the rest of us throughout every corner of the World

Yours Sincerely,

Darren Singline - Launceston, Tasmania.


I think this is an important point: This film is a story of offroad unicycling, not the story of offroad unicycling. It profiles a few riders and provides a snapshot into the history of the sport. There’s no claim that it’s the complete picture. I don’t think that lessens the contribution from Dan to unicycling that this film represents, especially given the work he put into creating it.

Thank you, Dan!!!

This movie was great, now I want to go ride more…

Just awesome!

Amazing. Thought there was no way I’d sit thru a 60 minute “history of sport” video. Couldn’t stop watching. Wow.

Kris, I really like what you said about unicycling being a nitch sport that won’t ever become so mainstream that it’s boring.

Thanks a lot Dan.

Loved it! Going to watch it again after I get home from work! Need to get out and ride more!!!

Dan is the man for creating this. I felt like I did 20+ years ago watching the latest skate video. So pumped to get out there!
I love this video and will be watching it again and again, and sharing it!! THANK YOU GUYS!!!

I had the same thought. My story of offroad unicycling is quite different.
My world offroad unicycling really isn’t about giant drops and daredevil stunts. It’s about successfully riding my local trails, technical and challenging terrain (but not suicidal), roots, rocks, challenging hill climbs and descents, hopping logs across the trail, picking a line, making UPD-free runs, building endurance, entering local mtb races, and the Schlumpf (not mentioned??). Based on my observation of every muni rider I’ve ever ridden with in my 4+ years of riding, (~20?), I’d say they have a story like mine too.

We tend to show the founding riders learning, experimenting, and growing the sport, and then in a blink of an eye they’re riding on bridge railings, cliff edges, hopping gaps, down stairsets, sliding railings, hopping up picnic tables, ten foot drops, flying down a mountain side, and life-threatening falls.

This is the start and end of the bell curve and is fun for us enthusiasts to see, but the realistic part in the middle would be more useful to show “this is what I do” and convince people that they can join in. I wish we had a video of such great quality, but showing this more realistic view.

I don’t think that was the intent of Dan’s video, but it’s what got me thinking of what I’d like the general public to see. Some thoughts for the future.

Again, thanks for the great video!! :sunglasses:

Thankyou Dan. As always beautifully produced and content was well compiled. It brought back some memories as well for me and makes me want to get out riding now!

Roger - with your trip to Uzbekistan coming up in a couple of days, I don’t think that will be a problem =)

A fantastic video and very inspirational. I hope all those that enjoyed watching it were also motivated to leave a tip…I’m sure every little bit counts.
I particularly love seeing people fall (normally nut crunching)…not because I’m a sadist but because, as a new rider I UPD a lot and it’s encouraging to see even the best get it wrong sometimes.


Nice - now it’s on the front page of and here:

I promise I’ll watch it in its entirety soon, I keep watching the first 20 minutes then something comes up… I’ve watched the first part enough to know the script :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know, maybe this’ll have the same impact as those early skate documentaries, we could have an influx of uni’ing prodigies soon!

This might be his best video to date. Not skill wise but story wise. Thanks Dan! You are the man.

On a side note, I just want to encourage anyone that watched it to give a donation via the tip jar. He could have very well decided to put it on a DVD to sell for $30 but instead IMHO decided to let people decide what they can give. As I’m a full time street performer I do shows and at the end ask anyone that watched and was entertained to be honest and give a good donation for the show that I have just given them. And most people understand that and it work out well. But every show I always get “walk offs”. Those people that watched the entire show and leave without paying or even saying than you. Do be that person.

Thanks again Dan. Time to watch it again.

I tried to tip but the paypal button doesnt work and I dont have a credit card. Anybody has the same problem?

such a good advert for our sport

ive watched this a few time,
and will watch a few more. really enjoyed it and feeling really.inspired to ride more. ill be out in the morning

ive left my tip
but ive also been encouraging my family and friends , who maybe dont understand my obsession, to watch too. it explains so well why i love this slightly odd hobby / sport

any way thanks to all
riders and dan. i really enjoyed the film, and appreciate the effort and passion put into this

This is great! I’m making my whole family watch it. Thanks to everyone involved.

I thought nobody knew where Dan Heaton was…