Finally - Revolution 1.

He was making this video :smiley:

The “Use Paypal” link didn’t work for me either. Even tried IE and disabling AdBlock. Nothing.

I was trying to help figure it out for you, but gave up and used a credit card.

The PayPal option worked for me, but only in IE (9) and after I’d filled in the donation amount, name, and email fields. It carried the donation amount through, but nothing else.

Some more thoughts after watching the movie again…

It occurred to me after learning of Dan’s background in freestyle and how it contributed to him developing street unicycling, how important and often overlooked learning basic freestyle tricks are.

Most of us who learned unicycling before the 2000s at least dabbled in freestyle because it was the main discipline (and really only discipline apart from racing, basketball and the like).

I hear a lot of new people, esp. in muni questioning whether they should get/practice on a 20" or even learn idling, riding backward, one footed riding etc. They ask if it’s relevant to muni. I think these kind of “freestyle” skills are excellent at developing the control, discipline, and confidence which surely carries over to muni skills and of course trials and street. They even carry over to distance riding and comfortably and confidently mounting larger wheels, esp. the 36 with short cranks.

Thanks again for the video. I really enjoyed it.

Out of curiosity, did Kris Holm ever do any organized freestyle? If not, I am sure he at least worked on “tricks” on a 20" early on…

Also right now, it seems I can’t get an encrypted connection on vimeo. I’d like to give a tip, but it keeps redirecting from https to http…

It worked for me later. Maybe I overlocked something on the first try. Its a little strange that you get a receipt from vimeo later. I dont know if they keep some off the money or give it all to dan.

I have my credit card set up to send me an email immediately for any charge. I didn’t get one for my Vimeo tip jar donation. Nothing from Vimeo either. I’m pretty sure it didn’t work. Maybe there was some confirmation screen or pop-up that got blocked?
I’ve never had such a hard time giving my money away!