Pure Trials

Heres my (pretty crappy) trials vid. most of its pretty old now, I was hoping to finish it a while back but collecting footage has been a slow and long proces because I have been so busy recently.

I managed to compress it from 760MB to 60MB by importing it to wmm and rendering it. Its not nearly as good quality but you can watch it, so dont complain.

Hope you like it. I will make a better one when I next have time off school.

Heres the link … http://www.vimeo.com/929928

I did have a good time making it, probably the most enjoyable vid I have made, I think I will be focusing less on my street in the future, I duno.

EDIT: looks like you will have to wait a little longer, it says 40 mins because its converting. Im off to bed, hope it works.

Only on vimeo at the moment, I will upload it some other places tomorrow, if I remember.

still private.

Its set to private.

I changed it now

Its not finished doing what ever its doing anyway, still got 35 mins.

Guess I’m not the only one.

How tall are you? Your seat post looks really high.

at 2:00 you did a unispin-not pure trials :stuck_out_tongue: You are such a liar… other than that though i liked it!

That was really really good! That was all really good trials lines, you have the sidehops down! No helmet :astonished:

I am looking forward for more (trials) vids from you.

Good job,


Nice video and trials setup too!:slight_smile:

really nice video, i liked the riding a lot. Good bails too.

im not sure about everyone else but im sick of linkin park, to many people use linkin park.

That was good, I like the lack of setup hops.

Not just linkin park but specifically that song has been used so many times.

awesome set up and riding, I especially enjoyed the bench tipping over :smiley:

That was really good. I would complain about the music too…but it did fit the video so it isn’t SO bad

Thanks for all the comments guys.

I am 6ft 2ish so pretty tall, My seat is high but I find trials alot more compftable like that, I used to get a slightly bad back before so put it up. I think the top of my seat is at about 95cm I can still land treys to SI though.

The music, I forgot to mention that. I wasnt going to use linkin park origionaly after everyone slated it before but then I heard this song on the radio. I thought someone may have used it but I couldnt remeber atall. I liked it. I did have a different song which I had started editing to but then someone else released a video with it.

I was pretty happy with my bails too, which makes a change. The one with the bench falling over was pretty funny, it almost happened a few times but I managed to catch it and stay on my feet which made it pretty suprising when it went all the way…

I guess its not strictly pure trials, close enough. Gliding isnt realy trials either is it? There was no flips though.

A quick 360 unispin in a trials line adds flare, pure enough for me!
Gliding is for the sole purpose of getting down steep long hills to trials lines (actually the reason why I learned how to glide myself).

This was a really good video. It had all parts of trials, not just big jumps and gap combos. Skinny ups, post ups, up skinnies etc. Loved it! I like the music too, whatever.


vey nice, you are a very good rider :astonished: :slight_smile:


Hey thanks man, means alot from you. You said you were making a vid, whens that going to be done? I look forward to it.

love it!

Basicly what he said :roll_eyes:
Good job.

Peter M

that was cool, a unispin or gliding is fine, considering i missed the unispin lol. the music fitted too so im not bothered lol

and is that a collection of series 2 and 3 landrovers in your garden?