Post your custom cokers!! Or 36ers

Hello everyone please post your 36ers and show pics and specs to thanks!!

Wish i could efford a coker :frowning:

I wish I had a coker… my legs aren’t long enough and I cant afford one AND I’m not aloud one. :slight_smile: :thinking: :astonished: :angry: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: :o

I buy my Coker from UDC and i dont have it…it`s in road to my home!
it going to be:
-Coker Big one
-Kris Holm fusion freeride seat
-Qu-ax aluminium cranks(114mm)


Post pictures when you get it

that’s what i’m going to do!:slight_smile:

I just grabbed this from my other thread.

Here’s my coker:

  • Radial Frame
  • UDC Super-Wide Hub
  • Qu-Ax Alloy Cranks - 125mm
  • T7 Handle
  • KH Seatpost - Primo Clamp
  • Jim C Pedals
  • Wheel TA Tire
  • Nimbus Stealth Pro Rim
  • 14g SS Spokes (36)

Sweet ride ^^^ that looks like a nice big display on your cyclometer!

yeah man that rides looks sweet! im looking to forward to when i get mine in, i just ordered it on saturday!

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I was going to post this in the custom Nimbus thread but then I saw this thread.

N36 frame
BBB seatpost
Nightrider tyre
Alloy rim
Stock pedals
127mm cranks
Nimbus saddle
New generation T7 handle
Oury grips
Green spoke nipples
Green spoke bindings
New spokes
Stock hub
Gold crown valve cap
Painted by Kaos Custom Bikes (Melbourne)

I may upgrade the seat to a KH fusion freeride and get some graphics painted on the frame. Too busy riding it at the moment to get anything more done to it.

^^that green one is sweet:D ^^

Yeah! Nice one. Mine is green also. Cool Ourys

Oh the irony!

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Here’s one I built and got rid of long ago:

That seat looks like its set ridiculously high. A giant rides it. :astonished:

I am only 6’ tall, maybe the angle of the uni makes it look higher?