Post Your Current Projects Here

Saw a thread like this a few days ago while browsing another forum. The idea was to post what you were currently working on, whether it be restoring a old uni or designing a completely new one from new parts.

So post your new projects here and show us what you are working on! :slight_smile:

i am working on no projects :frowning:

I’ve got a few things in the slow cooker. Don’t like to say much until I know if it works.

here are some hints though:
refinements on project 32
future 48

my only real project is selling other bike and get my oregon!

I’m just trying to imagine a double wide 36" larry, with a special frame to fit the tyre in.

Screw that. Take the double wide 48" larry instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

new project is putting a UMC tempo cranks on the 26muni

I’ve started on my latest project/ christmas present to myself. Its a super light weight G26er for all mountain/enduro xc unicycling.

Parts list:

  1. KH/Schlumpf hub
  2. machined/drilled 137mm moment cranks
  3. QX series 26" Alu frame
  4. QX series carbon seatpost
  5. KH 26" freeride rim
  6. Impact Knockout pedals
  7. CF seat base
  8. KH slim foam/cover- no bumpers
  9. Custom designed Aluminium 2 prong handle- bolt onto 4 bolt pattern of front of CF base (similar to GB4 but with longer, straight fork arms)
  10. Brycer sourced Magura frankenbrake.
  11. Maxxis ardent 2.4 folding bead tyre- tubeless.

I wanted to get a disc brake operating for this build but I could not put it off any longer. It seems as thought the KH and mountain uni systems won’t be online until well into next year and I want the set up ready to go for all the races I have planned next year (and so I can get it all dialled in for UNICON XVI.)

I’ll post pics once its all together- Should hopefully be ready to go by Feb next year!


I am working on my MUni upgrades in order.

  1. Maggies orange (santa slipped up with shipping)
  2. orange Hope QR clamp
  3. pedals
  4. A few DH tires
  5. one of Nurse bens custom handles.
  6. Nimbus 32hole hub
  7. Orange echo rear trials rim. with black spokes and orange nipples
  8. Cf seat base with orange cover
  9. Triton frame
    There is probably more things i missed

Sounds epic!

well i got 1 :slight_smile:
2. is on order
3. still cant find what im looking for

project chainrotor complete :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL nice! I bet thats strong :smiley:

thoes funn cranks are uber strong

…as if your Muni needed to look more badass sask!
You could drill that chain rotor pretty aggressively if you wanted to up the ante even more.

I need to make the chainring a bit thinner, just not enough clearance with the brakes I have. I can get it to spin cleanly when unloaded but am getting too much rub for my likes when riding.

It’s not on my list but I think next up will be “Mr. Big and Tall”

See below :wink:

oooOOOoooo very nice

100mm spacing?

Do you need to remove the bearing to get the disk on?

Is that an all-new flange or did you just move the old one?

I am going to stick with crank mounted disks but I can see some advantages to this system.

OMG i want to see the plans for that!! and some specs.

Its still 100mm spacing and it was an old nimbus hub :slight_smile: More infos later… when i get my rim and start building the wheel :wink:

My current project is an underseat mount for my DIY LED light. Initial testing suggests the idea should work - the moving shadows from my legs were a little distracting, but something I suspect I’d learn to ignore, and in any case I can bring the light a couple of inches further forwards than my initial mount point without interfering with the grab handle which should make this a far less significant issue. I still need a head mounted light - if nothing else for mounting when I need to have the underseat light switched off so it doesn’t shine in my eyes - but riding with just a head light the lack of shadows and perspective is noticeable, was having UPDs due to not being able to see bumps in the trail.