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Kris Holm G36 Braus Carbon

  • Frame: KH36 Double Disc Tab (Blue)
  • Hub: Schlumpf 2022/23 Disc 100mm M1245 32h (Fixed Drive)
  • Rim: Alchemist Braus Carbon Fibre 32h (Black)
  • Spokes: 14g (Black) - [with 13g washers on spoke heads non-disc side] 359mm/360.5mm
  • Nipples: Brass (Silver)
  • Brake: Hope Tech3 V4 (Blue)
  • Brake Mount: Hope B (Silver)
  • Rotor: 203
  • Tyre: King George Ultimate 36”
  • Inner Tube: TPU Tube from TRENTASEI//36 (
  • Saddle: Kris Holm Street (Black)
  • Bar: Kris Holm T-bar + Brass Bell
  • Seatpost: KH 27.2
  • Clamp: Mad4One 3-Bolt (Black)
  • Cranks: Kris Holm Spirits 127/150
  • Pedals: Hope F20 Pedals (Gold)

This is my LAST💰unicycle project for ages!!! For anyone who may meet me at Unicon21 you’ll see me eating solely bread and water as I plan to now retreat to riding with my economy diet until 2030 after my hub-centric profligate year+ :sweat_smile::heart::gear:

(And in the above build - yes the V4 clears fairly well with two sets of spacers. With the provided 1mm thickness - it cleared but was a bit too close for comfort. Really want the 220 rotors as those would be ace!)