Pictures of your latest ride

They’re modified Kookas. pdc had them made and sold a few pairs some time ago. Have a look here.


The second pic is amazing, gives a scale to that immense, free-standing rock. Who’s Sara, and why is it for posterity?

A few years ago I went to Mt. Lason and one of the creeks reeks of rotten egs. There are a few locations there that are releasing sulfer gas and that was one of them.

Maybee it’s something like that?

In that last one, is that the trail behind your uni? It looks really steep and super technical :astonished: . Can you ride it?

Missed edit.

I gues that’s a yes. (I forgot to watch the video)

Good job!! Nice vid :sunglasses: IMO we don’t get enough Muni vids:o

Not my “latest ride”, but still a cool shot of “Devil’s Slide” in Simi Valley, CA. This is actually a shot I took from the newspaper article from 3/16/06, only a few months after I started riding…after almost a 40 year layoff! That’s my first MUni, a Torker DX. I was working hard to get in shape at that time. Really a fantastic trail of 100% rock, and quite technical for the most part. :slight_smile:

That looks like lots of fun Terry! I wish I lived in California.:frowning:

Come on down you’re only what, 3,000 miles away?!:wink: Btw, it’s even more fun riding on/off the rocks to my right in the pic! :smiley:

Thats what I was looking at! Great minds think alike I suppose.:smiley:

I want to move to Simi Valley so badly… or San Juan Capistrano. :frowning:


Both have great trails. Simi has several world-class, very technical trails all within a mile or two of each other, but it’s way hot in the summer. San J Cap is nice and a bit cooler being closer to the beach. trails are mixed and totally different, but there are some great ones, including…you guessed it, “San Juan trail”. It’s a great DH trail that you shuttle to the top. Works you hard and has some challenging sections. I rode it once and that definitley was NOT enough! :slight_smile:

Actually we always get the dogs to go in their spot in the yard before we take them out. We also bring baggies with us in just in case. :stuck_out_tongue: The winters are so long that the dog poop does add up on the trails near houses. It is really gross. Even though we live in a big open place, we try not to use it as a toilet.:wink:
I think it is called stinky lake because the sediment at the bottom of the pond is made up of rotting vegetation. I think it might release some gas when it is stirred up. This is like a lot of ponds of shallow water with little movement. This pond does have some movement with the spring running into it so it might be something else. I am not really sure. Someone else might know more about that sort of thing.

Glacier to Mt Baker upper lodge (NorKa Ride 542 route)

Great day for a ride. My first trip of the year to Mt. Baker, 20+ miles, 3500+ feet of elevation gain, 80 degrees, 5-8 mph wind, one dismount, last four miles to the top is still closed for snow. They only plow during the winter up to the upper parking lot. Hopefully they will start digging out the road soon.

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Mt Baker Hill Climb route practice

Here a few more …

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bungeejoe, that scenery is absolutely amazing. It leaves me speechless.

Just a casual morning exercise on Saturday morning before my wife & daughter wake up. :slight_smile:

Bungee Joe, That is a lot of snow. What is the annual precipitation at Mt. Baker?

Beware of unicyclists doing skids:

In the Dandenong Ranges again today:


At the ski area
… World Record Snowfall 98-99 1,140 in. 2,896 cm

… Average Annual Snowfall: 647 inches 1,638 cm

Annual rainfall in the lowlands is 30 to 50 inches. At higher elevations, precipitation ranges from 70 to 140 inches.

Its still a beautiful ride when I’ve done it in clouds, mist, and drizzle. One trip up I rode through two yearling bears on the road.

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One picture from todays ride, I’m about to do a proper write up on a separate thread.

60.3km (37.4 miles), 1850m (6069 feet) of climbing, and roughly the same amount of descending. Proper technical muni terrain, on a 26" muni.


I’ve always wanted to go to Mt. Baker. Back in my snowboard days it played a pretty important role in the history of snowboarding.
16m of average snowfall! That must be like a 5 storey building! :astonished:
you don’t want to fall down a tree-well there!