Kookas for Cokers II or KFC II

I acquired 3 more sets of Kookas for custom 3 hole drilling.
$185 including delivery in USA

Brand New
Blue - 175mm (lends nicely for 125mm, 150mm, 175mm as I did mine)
Silver - 170mm

Used but good condition
Red - 175mm $150 for this used set.

I’ll try to have pics up tommorrow.

These can be drilled to custom specs. Here’s a pic of some done previously.

full shot

nice but well overpriced - i’ll make my own at some point.

Firstly when Kookas were still made they cost nearly $200 new. They are quite hard to come by these days. The drilling I’ve had done on these was done by a precision machinist to exact tolerances. This work will cost $30 to $40 per set. It may seem like something easily doable yourself, but to achieve professional results you’ll need a 3 ton drill press with digital readout (and various other tools and measuring devices that I’m not that well versed in), and quality taps and drill bit which together cost well over $100. The only other maker of tri-bored cranks is Davinci, and they sell for $200+ and they’re not near as cool looking and possibly not as strong. I know they seem expensive, but I’ve sold 5 pairs to people on this forum who are happy with them.

Here’s a pic of mine - 125mm 150mm 175mm:

could you get them drilled with 110 also?

Here’s pics of the cranks:
The shortest drilling would be safely115mm, maybe as short as 110m but I would need to measure more accurately to be sure.

The red set as you can see are cosmetically flawed. The square tapers and pedal threads seem to be in perfect condition. I ran my taps through the threads and they went through smoothly. The square tapers still have the red annodized surface indicating that there is no wear or rounding of the tapers.
These mate very well with the UDC Coker hub. I’ve installed mine once and have ridden them about 400 miles on hilly roads exerting alot of force. I checked them again last night and they are still tight.

Silver set sold. I will be soon getting all 3 sets drilled. I will probably do the remaining 2 sets at 125mm, 150mm, 175mm unless I get a different request shortly.

Zippy dont talk trash on these cranks there worth every penney pdc amazeing jop i love mine
a pic

I just may buy some, but how can we pay you?(If I ever get the money)

PayPal, personal check, money order, whatever.

Truth. For Cokering in highly variable conditions, these are THE cranks to have. PDC, I never got around to a formal write-up, but I love my set. Most of the time I keep them on the 130 setting, but I’ve had several rides that started flat and ended with big multi-mile climbs, and shifting to the 150 setting before the climb has worked great. I have the process down to less than 2 minutes.

All you guys need is quick release pedals and these cranks would be comletely flawless.

I think quick release pedals could be a little dangerous.

So is Muni…it just adds to the thrill:P

This is my first time seeing something like this. Does the extra piece of metal get in the way?

Generally, no, although you do need to be kind of precise when mounting when the pedals are in the shortest crank position. If you land your foot too far in on the pedal, the bump can knock your foot back off the pedal the first time it comes around. Not a huge issue, just a little less forgiving than a normal crank. Things which encourage precision are good.

The Silver and Red set are sold. Just the Blues left.

Well a ran into a little problem. The machinist called me and told me the Silver set was mismatched, one was a 170mm, and one was a 175mm. At first I thought they were trash, and one was already drilled to 115mm, 145mm when he discovered it. Then I decided to have them cut off to make a 2 size 115mm, 145mm speed set. They came out very nice.

So still available:
Blue set at 125mm, 150mm, and 175mm - $185 including shipping USA CAD
Silver Speed Kookas at 115mm and 145mm - $165 including shipping USA CAD

Both are brand new

Here’s another look at the Silver set