Kookas for Cokers II or KFC II

Silver Set Sold

Blue 125mm, 150mm, 175mm still available.

These may be the last I’ll have available.

New Blue set still available

Okay, I will jump on them. I will be sending you a PM momentarily.
Okay, thanks.

Naw, Sorry, I posted that I was really tired, I thought they would be good. But I am really sorry, I just don’t want them, I have thought about it and I don’t need them so, sorry but good luck selling them.


Awesome work there, pdc! Thanks for offering this niche product.

Re: the idea of detachable pedals, actually this could work, and rather well.
Imagine the coupling on an air wrench… it would take some fabrication and welding, but the pedals could be made just as secure. The bases would be screwed into each of the 3 pedal holes, and the pedal axle would plug in & out just like air tools.

yeah and then you lean over to turn a corner at 30 kph and your pedal comes off. then you are royaly screwed.

Sorry for the threadjack pdc.

How much for shipping to the UK?

Still available?

No, none available.


I have the red set and am thinking about selling them. They are drilled 120mm, 145mm, 170mm. They are basically in the same condition as the picture. I really never moved them off the 170mm position. Asking $150 including shipping within US. PM if interested.

I’m ready to buy

My question is, how long did you use them, are they “tight” on the Coker hub? I guess paypal would be OK? Just give me instructions so long as you feel fine that "red’ is om good condition.


Andy - Check your PM’s.


Kooka’s are still available. PM if interested.

I’m interested. Check PM.

PM Sent

PM Sent