Coker Muni

I’m using the PDC modified Kooka cranks with my Coker now. They’re drilled for 130, 150, 170. The Kooka cranks are strong. If you can find some, get them.

The Black Widows aren’t that strong for more aggressive muni riding. An inexpensive alternative would be Sugino tandem cranks. They are available in 170 or 175. The captain’s right crank on a tandem has no spider. So you get a RH captain’s crank and pair it with a matching LH normal crank. You can get the Sugino cranks from any bike shop that has the QBC catalog. Price is $15-$20 for each crank (so $30-$40 for the pair). Alfred E. Bike has them in their online catalog (search the catalog for “tandem”). They’re better than the Black Widow’s, but still not the strongest cranks around.

The problem with a Profile hub is that the hub is too narrow. The wheel build will not be very strong. You need a wide hub.

The other problem will be keeping the wheel true. I regularly knock my Coker wheel out of true doing XC muni with it. It will go out of true and rub the brake. A Stockton wheel build would do better (mine is a local wheel build). But the big wheel can only take so much before it will go out of true.