Pictures of your latest ride continued

Spring is here…

And I’ve decided to commit to learning to ride the Schlumpf. I almost gave up last year where I only managed a total of 10 rides since I got it assembled back in April. It was just too scary riding in high gear and I only managed to ride ~1/3 of the time in high gear.

So far I’ve recorded four ~10km rides in the last three weeks so it’s promising. And I feel much more in control this time. I’m also able to upshift and ride high gear almost everywhere except for the short sections where I’m sharing the road with cars as that still feels unsafe. The first three rides was with a lot of (new) body armor (knees + elbow pads) because I believed it was needed for me to overcome the fear factor but on the last ride I was back to helmet and gloves and it (still) feels safe (and less hot!).

I also changed the handlebar so it’s exactly as on my regular fixed uni. The only substantial difference to my fixed uni (except for the gear) is the pedals where I’m using some non-spiky pedals which makes gear shifting much easier and I feel grip is still sufficient for dry road riding.

Next step is to build up more confidence and practice to downshift while riding (instead of stopping as I do now) to get the same nice flow as I have on my fixed unis.


downshift to me is more tricky than up.
Feels like changing to “superslow” and therefore pedaling like a lunatic the first meters…

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I’ve been riding my KH36 with 110 cranks to work 3 days a week for the past 3 years.
“Odometer just over 6,500km”
Commute distance being from 14 to 20km.
Total ascent being about 160m.
For the first year I was averaging 12.5km/hr. As I got more efficient I was happy to get 13km/hr.
Now I’m very happy to read 15km/hr on the Wahoo. On the long flat sections I’m cruising at 18km/hr and if I concentrate on consistent circular peddling I can cruise at 20 - 22km/hr.
I went to a rowing centre once and was riding on the 1km long straight along the course and was riding back and forth and averaging 22km/hr.
See below data of my morning commute.

BTW, I have a KH29 with 110 cranks and I would never think of commuting to work on that.
I feel the 36" wheel just provides a nice rotational momentum which makes riding seem more effortless compared to the 29" wheel.


Had a meeting at my daughter’s school. Rode a uni in. I will definitely walk my bike next time I’m on her school campus.

When I left, several admin staff said they wanted to see me freemount and ride it. I gladly obliged.


Today I doubled my longest ride yet. Previously, my longest was 4 miles, with dismounts. Today’s ride was 8.33 miles in 1h and 4min with no dismounts. It was a long ride, but very satisfying. All paved paths and roads today. This ride affirmed that I can ride distance, and I look forward to doing more.


Here is a picture of my unicycle and riding gear in the cycle storage area at work.
I when to work 3 consecutive days this week and washed the gear each night. I dryed the clothes/gear overnight on a clothes rack using a dehumidifier. All ready in the morning.

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I feel like I framed this picture nicely

And yes this is a recreation. I have taken this image before. Here is last time