Pictures of your latest ride continued

Been keeping with riding the 20in. Practicing on the rumble-bumps as I call them. Actually enjoying it more than I expected.

Also made it nearly 3/4 of the way on my practice skinny. Tried hard for a full continuous ride of it. Soon™.


Family ride and maiden voyage for my daughter’s new M4O 20" in pink/champagne. It was a good day :grin:


My 36 has a flat, so I have been commuting on my road 29 to work.

I might give up on the 36. The flat is not patchable, which happens too much. I just can’t afford to keep buying 36-inch inner tubes. Oh well. My days of mega distances are done, and the 29 gets me everywhere I need to go (plus I always have the option of riding my uni²cycle — I think it’s called a bi-cycle — for longer journeys).


Just a short jaunt today on the guni - 5 quick miles on the Pennypack trail, just at the Philly border…

There’s a fun little stretch of wooded trail (I’d hesitate to call it “light muni” when it’s really “thin dirt trail that occasionally has rocks thrown on it”). And nothing says “stay on the trail” quite like poison ivy…

Bonus uni pic

I still don’t have the knack for shifting, but on Saturday (16.5 miles from Valley Forge to Collegeville and back) had a couple attempts that almost felt right (6 or so half-revolutions before totally losing balance again). Today wasn’t as good. I’m chalking it up to my body still recovering from Saturday’s ride…


Today’s ride: just over 4.5 miles of light muni, my first real attempt at muni. This is the Lorimer Park Loop just north of Philadelphia. It’s mostly double track and open trail, with some short, steep technical sections. Which, mostly, I had to walk. But not all of them, so I’m calling it a win!

I don’t have photos of the more technical bits, but plenty of scenery. Gorgeous views, and lots of opportunities to accidentally go the “wrong” way. Which I definitely did more than once.

On the other side of the Pennypack Creek from this is a trail I frequent - not to farr from home, mostly flat, often shady. This is the first time I’ve crossed the creek to some of the trails - one of those “shoemaker’s children” problems where I’ve ignored this fun trail right by me, yet I’ll drive up to Hawk Mountain for a fun hike…


Yesterdays ride:

I’m pretty sure I’m expected to yield to everyone, but in my experience everyone other than horses and young children normally yield to unicyclists.

A smile, a wave, and a thank you seem to work wonders.


Todays ride:


Totally agree.

Much fun on vacation discovering places to ride.

A bit of skinny thickie riding practice. Successful hops up it a few times.

Uni couldn’t resist a sexy beach pose.

A World war 2 pillbox.

Groundskeeper Willie was right about the sinky sand. You get bogged down in it so easily.


On our way to the Lixiviat Festival (#grindcore) in Lyon we stopped on the way and brought a unicycle and the Brompton for a short 15km ride from a trainstation to the hotel…


My favorite route in the Forrest takes me on a paved road for 1.4 km and a 89 m ascent. Riding all the way to the parking lot near the top of Himmelbjerget is a further 0.6 km and additionally 19 m of ascent.
The first part is strenuous for my level of fitness and gives me a good workout without flow breaking UPDs. The ride down to the lake is a walking path that still remain eroded by the winter rain, so somewhat technical. The path along the lake winds along up and down. The final ascending path to the parking lot is also quite eroded with a couple of sections with stones. It was late and rather chilly ( i.e. no or few tourists) so I took the liberty to cycle all the way to the viewpoint at Himmelbjerget and the Venetian tower. The peak of Himmelbjerget is a staggering :rofl: 147 m above sea level and 125 m above the lake.
Himmelbjerget is more of a cultural peak. In the 1840ties the pastor-poet St. St. Blicher engaged in arranging cultural and political rallies at the site. Our constitution is from 1849 so Blicher helped drive the increasing cultural and political awareness of the common people. The rallies are still held to this day on the constitution day the 5th of June.
The tower was raised in 1875 to honour the king who “gave” the constitution.


I found the island they put the dinosaurs on.

Conquered the stairs.

Trail head.

Uni was ashamed at my inability to ride most of the heavily rutted trail.

I spotted Okkoto’s little brother.


Sooo many great pictures here!
@Uni2ONE2, Those V-frames are so sweet! Fell in love with them since I got my Oregon. Too bad they aren’t readily available anymore.
@r4nd1nt Bromptons and unicycles unite! Two somewhat quirky and in combination with public transports (where available) pretty clever forms of transportation.
@UniKirk Would love to ride that trail in the last picture down! A smooth and scenic ride :slight_smile:
@IvenBach That trail in your last post looks very inviting, too, just not for a smooth ride… Oh, and congrats to spotting that dinosaur!

Here are some pictures of my 29er. It has quickly become my go-to unicycle, since it’s faster AND lighter than both the 20er and the 26er muni. Despite the size it can still be taken to the train or bus, thus is a cool vehicle to explore the city, too. Still needs a break, though.

Met two siblings while waiting outside the restaurant.

The next pictures were taken on the way to or from the next Town. The whole tour takes about 7km and half an hour (if I’m pushing it; and I’m realising that I tend to push it quite often lately, for no reason other than the fun of it).


Absolutely, Bromptons are awesome. I already posted the Brompton before here:

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Unicycle Tour of Oslo 2024. 30 Riders.


I demand more photos @UniMyra.

Also that is not a 32 inch.

I’ll take the 32 next year. Maybe. A bunch of pictures on FB.


So 2 part post 1.

I flew with my 20" uni on a vacation to the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Just wanted to say for those looking for a travel uni a 20" packs down super small and I was able to fit it in a 40L duffle bag with tools and everything. Nothing came out damaged and it made for an amazing trip.

Part 2. Mountain unicycling in actual mountains was magical. Its a 20" wheel, 75mm cranks, 203mm rotor with a basic hydro disc brake. As someone not super good at muni it was riding some smaller less technical trails with basic roots and rocks but some descents that I’ve not been comfortable doing before. This uni will be coming on many more adventures and climbs better than i expected.


Wow, beautiful landscape! And that trail in the second picture looks super sweet. those cable ties on your uni though…. :wink:

Yeah that is just be being lazy lol