Pictures of your latest ride continued

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Eric aus Chemnitz

Oh my yes, that was a big disaster for Nepal and such limited resources. Let’s hope at least that some aid gets to where it is needed to support the rescue workers and the medical services and then the long recovery.

I haven’t gone on a ride for a while or posted a picture for that matter so I figured I better. Its funny how a short break from something can actually be a positive thing. :smiley:

Excellent pic – first time, I didn’t even see that cute little guy.

Mt. Sopress

The trail is called Red Hill, in Carbondale, Colorado… overlooking Mt. Sopress

GOPR3454 (600x450).jpg

I can still only land about half of my 180 unispins, but I worked on jumping higher off the pedals today.

High Spin (1).jpg

Exploring muni

2015 Beacon and Legs


For the writeup go to







@ Andatraman… A mucky Municycle has a happy rider. :smiley:

Great pics as always guys.:slight_smile:
teamUnicycle Great write-up. Well Done :slight_smile:

This is my pic from 2 weeks ago.
A ride around the firing range in Bordon Hants.
I did this ride last year on my 26" and I’ve been itching ever since to try it on my 29".
The ride was 10 miles.
I had a blast and was pleased at how long I managed to stay on my unicycle between UPD’s

Backyard trials practice:

Did a quick muni ride before work on Friday. Only went to 24 th street. Rushed for time. I need more muni. I’m not very proficient at it. The trail was wet but I was able to dodge the mud puddles. The wind as rather strong on Friday.




Sweet, another guy unicycling the shoreline. PM if you ever want to get together for a ride in Ogden.

Keep at it. I am now working on consistency with this trick. It’s taken a long time. I’m probably at about 60 to 70%. The key is getting those damn legs in after jumping. The instinct is to keep them out, but even just a little bit out is no good. I now aim for the cranks, and that has helped.

Damn, teamUnicycle, are you riding clipless?

Yes, SPD

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That’s what I have come to realise not too long ago,
when you’re sitting on top of a one wheel, any variable is possible especially when left to an open mind… :sunglasses: :wink:

Three words that summarizes my unicycling experience.
Innovation, experimentation, dedication.

I rode my muni up to the security gate and received this:



New 36

First ride with my new 36 :D, Replaced the original 150 crank with the KH110/137 crank. 137 is great and 110 is very fast !

I spent the weekend in Moab with some family including my 77 year old dad. :slight_smile:
I unicycled up by Dead Horse on day one and biked Slick Rock the next day. I was proud of my old man for riding as well as he did.
We had a great time and the weather was perfect. :smiley:

It rained in Ogden all weekend so I hate you for this.

Your dad is THE man though. Way cool.

Are those dread locks on plaid guy? Typical mountain biker.