Pictures of your latest ride continued

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I’m not sure if these should go here or in the ‘pictures of your unicycle’ thread, but since I took them during today’s ride I’m putting them here!

Today I practiced free mounting. A lot :rofl: I used to ride almost daily, but due to various other things getting in the way I hadn’t ridden in a few years. A couple of weeks ago I decided to dust off my nimbus 2 24" and get back to riding. To my surprise I was able to free mount and ride straight away, although I missed quite a few mounts. Today was my first proper off road ride, quite a bit of walking uphill and more than a few UPD’s on the downhills, but overall I’m happy with how it went. And I only actually fell once, when the wheel stalled against a stone on a climb.

I need to keep the motivation up and keep riding!


So today was the first long ride of the season. Going from my place to my mom’s, total ride is about 108km, goal was 75km but made 69 (nice).

It was the first long distance test of my Unipacking set up, 75mm cranks and using a 32c tire.

Big question was can a 32c gravel? Gravel being slightly soft ground and hardback. If you’d consider it Muni it was not ridden today.

The 75mm cranks started to make my ankles and legs complain after the first 20km, so swapped to the 100mm cranks and it’s was much easier to control and spin up.

My water bottle set up worked until a velcro broke but the remainder of the ride was quite nice.

Overall it def felt like under biking, and there’s a few hard limits this tire won’t do well in but at 50psi (not sure what that is outside of freedom units) if it was lowered down to 40 or 35 psi or even run tubeless honestly wouldn’t perform horrible in mild conditions with good cranks and a handlebar.

I ran a 45c last season but the weight savings (300g) between the two tires has made me want to try the 32c on more conditions.


Just a little neighborhood for ride yesterday. I still managed to fall off of it but there was a stop sign close by to get back on with.


Some pics from my ride this morning.

I was out from 4.30 on a blissfully wind free morning with only a few joggers and others around.

I’m very happy with my lights

Stopped by the sea wall

The Tree Of Life, one of several new sculptures along the beachfront promenade



When everything looks like or speak of unicycle


Who’s that masked man?

“person” would have been the apprpriate word.
I think, this picture might be a selfie.


Indeed… I was about to say something similar. Some may have missed this

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Yeah it’s a selfie. It was sunny but under 8° C and windy most of the day. Breaks were mostly done while shivering.

A light hearted reference to the 1950s American TV show The Lone Ranger with no malice intended .

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The first real ride with my new 4’ I built from scrap. My welding execution is questionable to say the least but the design is proven functional. It’s currently geared 32:20 which effectively equals a 32” in speed. I’d like to get a double sided fixed wheel built for it so I can use it as a two speed. I was able to free mount this easily, ride it on light off-road, through dips, up and down slopes, off curbs etc. which are all firsts for me on a giraffe.

Oh, and even better… it fits within the limits for standard checked luggage on an airplane. I may not bother trying to fly a 32 or 36 to Unicon this year.


Very impressive!

first chance I’ve had to get back to the trails after all the rain we have had.

couple pics from the locks


What is that handle set up?

that started out as part of an aero bar, I used a press and flattened most of the angle and then squeezed it in to make it narrow, then custom built a mount plate and welded it directly to the seat post. it clamps on just like bearing clamps on a hub so it can be removed easily. I can flip it over so the handle faces upward but I don’t really like it facing up

We had almost (12mph wind) perfect weather for a distance ride this past weekend.


It was -3 overnight, it was a 40kmh tailwind with enough rain to be cold on the 40km ride out, but it was time for the first unipacking trip of the year. 80km round trip in advance of a 200km trip in two weeks, feeling more prepared with that one, but need to get a lot more rides in after work.

The night was noisy with the serrenade of many Canadian Geese (or attack chickens as we call them locally), the morning back home was sunny and a lovely test of a 32C tire on 75mm cranks. Pressure it down enough and it handles very well.

The spot was just outside of the city so 6:30 am Starbucks made a lovely way to start the day.


I’m back in Greyton for a couple of days, and it’s great to be riding around the village.

The Greyton sign at the start and end of my ride

It was quite shocking to see the damage done by the recent storms, here the bridge has been washed away