CPUC Memorial Day Weekend (muni, basketball, cyclocross, trials, street)

Hey all, my name is Nakul Mohakar (current president of the Cal Poly Unicycle Club located in San Luis Obispo, CA).
My club is interested in hosting a 3-day unicycling event on Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27 2024) to expose our riders to the larger community. We are possibly the largest collegiate club in the US with 25+ regular members, and we have a variety of events planned that most riders can engage with (Cyclocross, Basketball, Muni, Street, Trials). Check out the preliminary schedule below. We have not yet decided whether the event will be USA affiliated, but I wanted to get an idea of how many people are interested (comment below if you are thinking of attending). Please pass on the word so we can gather as many riders as possible, hope to see you there!


I would be interested in attending the Muni day. I’ve been riding Montana De Oro recently when I drive through the area.

looks sick! I’ll be attending