Pictures of your latest ride continued

That wasn’t my latest ride but I love to ride uphill with my 26" Uni. Also with the T-Bar it makes it very smooth to go uphill and the road riding.


Hey, I saw it too!


What a nice ride around Thumb Butte I had. I finally have the correct tire for the 29” Oracle. I found the Crux 3.25 to be somewhat bulky, and I ended up with the 3.0 Bontrager XR4. Happy Labor Day!


Looks like a challenging trail in the upper photo.

Yes it’s a little too rocky for me, so I pushed my contraption in a ways. There is a few good lazy and sandy trails about 1/4 mile in. The clarity of the air today is just stellar!

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A bit deeper, it would almost look like the grave’s ready! :smile:

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“Also finally got a nice storage solution for my unis that does not take to much space. Using 3x GS 08 WMB

A simple big strong nail would prolly do just as well, though I would need to do some drilling, because the shed is made of bricks.

@Setonix I use hooks like this from a local hardware shop, dead simple and really cheap.


Not a recent ride either: in Paris, there’s a unicycle ride every Tuesday in the evening. It has been lasting for about 20 years I believe, and there are always people.

A picture of several unicycles we locked to a pole before going to a restaurant:


Had a great ride on my G36er.

No real photos of the ride itself sadly. But this sequence shows my overall mood and post ride vibes

(This is shared with a wry sense of tongue in cheek, self-micky-taking :wink:)


I attempted to photograph my reflection whilst riding this morning and this colage has the three best shots. I’ll try again another day to see if I can get a better pic.


Looks like a ghost :ghost:. Very nice. My last ride 1 week ago. I don’t ride much in the moment. But it’s okay for me. In 2 weeks I ride my Muni again. I hope it’s an good group ride near my hometown.

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Passing the time while waiting in between events at my kids sport day…tree root hopping…


Last week at the National Park Neusiedler See and its regularly dehydrating soda pools.

The Zicksee is usually a windsurfing area. Now it’s completely dry.


So, what’s it like to ride on another planet?


Which wheel size is it? 29"?