New KH36 frame (~June'08) => can't wait for it!!! 8-D

Hi guys,

I just take notice of Kris’ note in this thread, that a new KH36 frame will be released around June this year.

Doesn’t this great news deserve a brand new thread? :slight_smile:

So it looks like it will have the same width as other KH frames, i.e. 100mm wide hubs will fit in the frame.

Why not after all… I am pretty happy with the extra wide hub from UDC/Nimbus right now, but still I am very tempted to build up a brand new 36er around this new KH frame!

Question: anyone knows whether KH will introduce shorter ISIS cranks along with the new frame - as they are so popular in the 36er world?

That would be great, don’t you think? At least one new KH crank length between 110mm and 125mm would be really great… but is that going to happen?

I would be happy to hear whether my happiness with regards to this overall news is shared by others! I’m pretty sure it is…

Cheers, MadC.

If anyone was going to make shorter cranks it would be QUAX becuase they allready go down to 100, we cokerers just want some 89mms, and that’s why I am waiting on a ISIS hub

Qu-ax might produce some 90mm cranks in the future if there is much demand, I’ve already contacted Egon about it some while ago. Aluminium coker frames, woo! Any ideas about weight and stiffness yet?

I’ve been thinking of building a whole new 36er myself. I’m getting a geared hub for my nimbus 36, and am very lucky to have access to a preproduction KH36 frame, and now I’m getting new cranks… I may as well replace the rim and tire now, too, because there are new lighter options available… after that, only the seat, T7, and pedals remain. May as well keep my Nimbus like it is and build a whole new 36!

Hi all,

Since there seems to be some “words of mouth” around the coming KH36 unicycle due to be available in June’08, I am reviving this thread, in order to avoid hijacking other threads, like this one for instance.

lpounds said that the whole unicycle would be available first - not the spare parts (especially the KH36 frame, of course).

I am actually wondering whether this means something about the parts that we are going to get with the whole KH36 unicycle => in your opinion… any chance to see some big, or even medium :roll_eyes: , news coming at parts level (tyre, handle, saddle, shorter Moment crank lengths, etc.)?

Cheers, MadC.

there are photos around of the prototype with a KH/Schlump hub in it, was in someone’s ride report of an all guni ride. Did look amazing.

Yeah, that was mine, and I haven’t been able to ride it for about six weeks now, because my hub is still in Switzerland getting fixed… sheds a tear

I should have it back in a few days, though!!!

I really hope I do, because there’s this ride on the 18th…

Yeah actually, all I have heard is that the frame won’t be sold separately. Maybe the wheel would be?

Kris may loose a lot of money if he just sell the entire uni… A lot of riders have complete unis and just wants to update it…

Wouldn’t the main bits people might want to upgrade be incompatible with the vast majority of 36" unis out there already?

i dont think so, the frame is what i want (i dont have a 36 anyway but meh) and as far as i know any normal hub will fit it, except the wide hubs i think. so there are advantages to this, you can use an isis hub and crank set in it.

It looks like I’ll be getting one of these when I build up a new wheel with ISIS hub and Stealth rim. The Triton I think is on hold until further notice. Hopefully Dmitry will be able to get someone to get them into production again :frowning:


KH36 frames will be available separately too- no problem with that.

The KH36 will come standard with 125/150 double hole Moment cranks. I do have future plans to release 110/137 double hole Moment’s, but that probably won’t happen until 2009.



I have asked the same question in the product review forum but…

I’m a little worried, I ordered and paid for a 29" Triton back at the end of March before Dmitry left Italy, and have not heard from him since.

Has anyone received stuff ordered before he “froze” Triton, but after he posted saying he was to become an I-banker?



Paulo, poste sobre seu problema com a TRITON em um tópico específico deles, como [THREAD=59554]Este[/THREAD] pois Dimitri entra de vez em quando no fórum. Ou mande uma PM para ele!

Abraços, Pedro!

Good news from Kris :D:D

I will buy a 29’ or 36’ for UNICON… I hope that this new frame will be avaliable!


will there be a KH36 rim or will you just use the nightrider?

talvez dê…

Obrigado pela ideia, vou tentar.


Paulo, poste sobre seu problema com a TRITON em um tópico específico deles, como [THREAD=59554]Este[/THREAD] pois Dimitri entra de vez em quando no fórum. Ou mande uma PM para ele!

Abraços, Pedro!

I’ll use the Nightrider rim.


Cool, do you have an Idea of the price (for whole unicycle)?

and do you ever plan to make a 26" or 20" freestyle?

He said something about a special frame… I’m really excited with this frame… But we need to wait…:o

Kris will not destroy the surprise! :wink: