Triton 36er w/KH Schlumpf Hub

I’ve ordered what I believe will be the first Triton Sponge 36 inch titanium unicycle frame. I will pair it with the new KH/Schlumpf hub w/a nimbus rim and tire. Right now the wheelbuild is sitting idle in the bedroom awaiting a compatible frame. Dmitry sent me great drawings last week of the frame and dimensions last week, (see link). As soon as it arrives I’ll post picture and let you know how it rides!
I signed up for a century ride in May so I REALLY hope it gets here by then. The last 40 miles are flat or a gradual descent so it should make a perfect tour for a GUNI. Here is a link to the race

Untitled.pdf (76.7 KB)

Those drawings look awesome

Is that an integrated post clamp I see?

that looks cool and is that a built in seatclamp? has no one else got a 36’’ Triton? i thought someone did. That 100mile ride looks fun too, is it a race or just a fun ride??

Yea, the drawings look great. The guys at Triton know what they are doing. I forgot to mention the integrated seat post clamp. That should be very cool.

I don’t think anyone else has. Ken (GizmoDuck) is set to order two 36ers. I’d love to hear from others if they are out there.

No, you’re right it is a tour, not a race. It is sponsored by my favorite brewery in Colorado, New Belgium Brewery, makers of Fat Tire and other great beers. It was voted best “(bi)cycling event of the year” in 2007. It should be a ton of fun.

I’d rather be doing the Lobster, of course, but I can’t swing the time off.

I think that will be the first 36" Triton Sponge guni made. My 29" Triton Sponge frame with Schlumpf hub should be the first titanium guni. Hopefully I should get that back next week. Can’t wait!

STM - counting the days

Cool! Let me know how you like it.
You sent the frame back for brake mounts, right? How did the hub seem to fit?

Yes, I ordered it with Magura mounts, but it was manufactured without any, so I had to send it back.

The hub fitted great. I think I may have to file out the hole on the torque arm a little to bolt that in though, but other than that it looks perfect.


I just heard from Dmitry that he can’t get me the frame in time for the century ride on May 17. Very disappointed. I hope it happens soon!

Sorry Mark :frowning:

I used some bad russian swear word in order to speed up the process.

I have just declined 3 prospective orders.
You guys are waiting for too long.
Hopefully I will be getting a position in investment banking soon, so probably bye-bye to Triton.

I may continue it with my assistant in future. But dunno yet. Nobody speaks English here.

Triton is interesting, but hardly any good money. I have to buy a house and a new car. Like any normal man. Triton won’t get me that.
And I have virtually the best education I can get in Russia. I must use it for big moves.
Russia is an emerging market. I gotta get on top.


So your stopping selling trail bike and unicycle frames?
Thats to bad, because Ti is the future.

Peter M

I have got the position. YEAH!
I am starting mid-May. Hopefully I will be visiting UK and US soon :slight_smile:

Yes, I have declined both unicycles and bike frame requests.

One of the unicyclist community members (thank you!) has advised me on possible changes in Triton unicycles production so it would make it quick (you pay - you get it. No need to wait), and it would be interesting for me (money/time wise).
That’s a good idea and I appreciate it. I actually had it before, but had no spare money to realise it.
May have it later this year.

Titanium is great, I know. I love riding it. That’s why I started the whole Triton thing. But it was my part-time project while I was studying at university.
I want to spend all my full-time now on some serious stuff.
Though, I have an assistant. He can sort out the whole shipping/payment process.
I will only be there for translating issues and quality control (I hope I will have time for that).

So let it freeze for a moment.
I’ll be back © Arnold :slight_smile:

No more titanium unicycles!!!Bummer :astonished:

The previous owner of trialsin, Tim, was talking about starting to me Ti uni frames. I think he still plans on it.

I guess this makes people like nathan and ken elite owners of one of a kinds.

Still no word on my Triton Frame. Dmitry must be too busy to repond to my email. Apparently May is a big Russian holiday and unicycle frame manufacturing comes to a complete halt. STM, did you ever get your 29er back?

It must be eating you up inside… seeing that beautiful COLO weather coming into season… and no 36 triton guni to use.:frowning:

YES! I have been busy training for this century ride on my “other” coker, which is still a nice ride. I’ve recently upgraded to Wellgo Magnesium pedals and I should be getting my new Scott Wallis saddle in the mail this weekend. But…to not use the geared hub sitting idle does cause a dull ache.

Hi guys,

I personally gave up buying a Triton frame (for this year, at least)…

After having PM’d twice Dmitry (like one big big month ago) and received no answer at all from him - and even though I had some very friendly and fruitful MSN discussions with Sponge on that subject.

Too bad, really… I am now looking forward at buying the new KH36, which is great -don’t get me wrong!:wink: - but perhaps not exactly as great as the 36er Triton frame would have been. The good side of it is that it is going to be… well… less expensive for sure!

Ohhh… and guess what??? I am now having doubts about the KH/Schlumpf hub (after the recent threads I read on this forum). At least I am no longer convinced that it will be a good investment on a 36er, BASED UPON MY OWN PRACTICE… It might actually be a better investment on a 29er, and I could travel with it more easily. But I’m going off-topic, there…

Anyway, I can’t wait to read your review, Osmundo (and hopefully see the pictures of your beast) - and hope you will get your frame really soon!!!

Cheers, MadC.

Just an advanced warning: The KH36 will only be available at first as a whole unicycle. I’m not sure how long it will be until you can buy the frame separately