my new sexy white unicycle

yey my unicycle is here and its nice and white


i love it!!!

whats u think?

Nice, looks awesome! I’ve always thought the black and white theme would look good.

that looks so sweet whered did you get that done? i don’t want to steel your idea’s but thats awesome

White looks great, but is hard to keep nice. The original Semcycle unicycles came in a choice of chrome or white baked enamel. The white ones also looked very cool, but the discontinued them after a short while. Not sure if this was because not enough were selling, or because they would lose their good looks too easily when scratched/dinged/ridden.

I actually wanted to do that, but decided against it for more then one reason. One, white is impossible to keep clean (Sub-problem being that I don’t care if it’s clean, so it’ll look crappy and always be dirty). Two, I have a yellow hub which I’d have to paint as well. Yellow just doesn’t work with white. Three, if I were to paint my uni, I wouldn’t be able to ride on it for at least a week, because I’d use at least three layers of paint, and two layers of shiny stuff.


Oh yeah, and I’m lazy.

well i thought that i dont go of road on my unicycle much

and if i scratch it i have some white paint i can get rid o them with

so i did not see nay arguments aggenst it so i did it

oh and the place my dad works for, use Southport powdercoating, tahst where it got done

looks pretty seewt

you should get white pedals or like red or yellow pedals would stand out on it.

olly shit, I woke up this morning and painted my frame white !

be reet,two peope can have the same colour frame

and if not we will ahve to fight for it

ntappin has a white trilas too. so does someone else on this site

yeah, didnt know that

oh well i still love mine.

gonan go put some straches on it tomarrow


well, my frame is all dry and sexy Ima go take it for a ride

that looks good

I’ve got a white ride too!
havent painted the seatpost though… but i did the rim!

I really like that color scheme with the white rim as well.

now u need to like make every inch if it white, rim, hub, spokes tire everything

i had that idea of powdercoating my kh frame white/cream colour, but havent gotten around to it yet, due to shortage on cash…

i made a thread about this a while ago

Primo sells white forged spokes that are pretty sweet. 17.50 for fifty too so they are quite cheap.