my new sexy white unicycle

I habe powdercoatet my trials white and black too, but I only painted the rim and the hub. I have no picture of the unicycle allone, but tomorow I will make one.

dale_dale, have you thought about what will happen if you adjust the seat height?
Or are you just not going to?

It’s a sweet paintjob though, especially since it was free!

yeah i have, if i need it lowering its all good

howervrt if i need it going up, ill just spray thr bottom bit white

Cool, just thought it would be a shame to scratch the paint up!

i plan on riding it a lot so it probs will get coverd in scratches anyway

that would be impossible i belive because the kh frame is alu which cannot be powder coated(correct?) so you would have to get it anodized(sp?) or something like that

tbh i want my uni’s to be canary orange, but after lots of falls you wont have a paint job to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:

you need to re-blacken the cranks and get white pedals

my uni is gonna be based on white too. ths first pic is of the components as they stand now and the second is a pic if how it will look all together.


unicycle creator#4.bmp (201 KB)

hmmm,white,its catchy,think i’m goin to the hardware store

i’m going to the same for me… except YELLOW!

my sexy seat yeah