This Colour Frame Be Good??

hey all,
I was thinkin about powdercoating my kh trials frame sometime in the near future, or i will just leave it the way it is…

But i was thinkin of going something that i havent seen b4, like a creamy white coloured frame!! and then have the saddle, seat post, cranks and pedals be black, so it would be black and white almost!!!

but what is evry1’s point of view on having a creamy white frame??

do u think it would look good ??

Thanx in advance…

It’d probably look alot like my white Summit:

Anyone know how much it would cost to anodize a KH frame? I think it would look pretty cool.

I love my white uni, it’s named snow-white! :wink:

And i think it’s looking good. :slight_smile:

I have taken the white seat-cover off now though, it’s a cut down kh onza saddle, with a kh fusion cover on it :slight_smile:

I had my trials uni powder coated black by Bedford, two years ago now, and have been very, very satisfied. The color has worked out great. Invariably the powder coating will always get scraped down to the metal if you are challenging your skill level. Being black, as mine is, or white, as Krashin’ Kenny’s is, these colors are easily touched-up. I suggest that you use an easily touched-up color and save the cool color for your 29” or some other less crash prone ride.


I personally only use one uni. I almost covered it in stickers (Cheap & effective). I just like the look of it, sometime soon I’m going to make my own seat cover. I’m thinking red plush.

brown hasent been done I think… just do it with more then 1 color… do some graph’s on it…


tom thats really weird. i was thinking of doing exactly the same thing today! same colour and everything!
cream would look great.

i am pretty happy with the blue at the mo, so im gonna stick with it for a while. -also cos i have better things to spend my money on like a cf base.



ahaha well i beat u to it :stuck_out_tongue:

im gonna go to Goldcross Bikes and get a quote on how much it will be and all!!

im gonna try hold off until i get the cf base, wen my fusion base breaks !!

haha, i rekon creamy would look awesome…

still you can’t really make a unicycle look bad.


Look in Xavier Collos vid “Vener”, he use a Brown koxx.

there is a brown poopcycle…

Kris Holm seemed to have managed it :wink: Just kidding, just ordered one really…


Unicycle Colour Generator

Sorry Trials2K but it doesn’t do white frames BUT I am working on Version 2, where you can change the colour of every component!

I knew a thread like this would appear sooner or later.